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Woman robbed at Raleigh ATM

Posted October 5, 2011

— A woman using an ATM machine at a Raleigh bank was robbed on Wednesday, police said.

The woman was at the Wachovia Bank, 10941 Forest Pines Drive, around 8 p.m. when she was robbed. The robber left with an undisclosed amount of money.

The woman was not hurt.

No suspect description was available and the police were seeking surveillance video footage of the area.


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  • irreplaceabledesigns Oct 12, 2011

    They still have me looking at mug shots, not real line up which is pitiful of NC to do. Mug shots never look like the assaulter. I asked them if during next mug shot time I could see my video and see why it hasn't been released yet etc to the news to help find this man before he hurts another woman

  • irreplaceabledesigns Oct 7, 2011

    thank you. I want them to catch him. I want to run him over with my car I have had Ptsd from this bad since it happened.

  • John Sawtooth Oct 7, 2011

    Thanks, IRRECPLACEABLE for clarifying. Glad you are OK.

    Sadly I expect there will be a few more robberies like this one. All the ATM robberies in the past in Raleigh have come in small groups until they catch the crook.

  • irreplaceabledesigns Oct 6, 2011

    I was the woman robbed and almost car jacked as well as beat up and it was around 7:50pm. I gave a detailed description because I fought my attacker as hard as I could and I chased him because it was my rent money he stole from me. I was injured I took hits to my face, arms, my leg is cut from trying to keep myself in the car, i have bruises and was punched in the head and face as well.
    I pray they find him from the evidence left at scene, i dont know who got this story wrong but I've emailed and stated what happened. I expect it to be updated as I don't want anyone else to get hurt but this man. It was on the corner of forest pines and new falls of neuse road at the Wachovia bank atm and it was a white male. Maybe noone wanted the bad publicity that this would cause for Wachovia in that neighborhood but I want people to be safe.

  • Its the who what Oct 6, 2011

    The news is PACKED with who got shot or robbed in Raleigh NC. You don't want to believe it but its true.

  • commonsense4 Oct 6, 2011

    Its the who what: I really hope that is sarcasm. Most crime ridden city? It is so safe in Raleigh it's not even funny. Nobody should go to an ATM alone at night. That is the world we live in and Raleigh is no different, but safer than most areas. Durham, Charlotte, Louisburg, Goldsboro - all way worse than Raleigh.

  • lmarks Oct 6, 2011

    "Citizens are just not safe in Raleigh. This town is by far the most crime ridden city in NC."

    Naaah. That's Durham.

  • Riley Oct 6, 2011

    "It's the who what," I hope you're not serious. If you are, then you need to do some research and use reliable sources this time.

  • common_sense_plz Oct 6, 2011

    So that is why all those police cars were at the bank in Wakefield last night. I am glad she was not hurt.

  • Its the who what Oct 6, 2011

    Citizens are just not safe in Raleigh. This town is by far the most crime ridden city in NC