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Woman pleads guilty to Fayetteville pawn shop murder

Posted April 4, 2013

— One of two people charged with gunning down a pawn shop clerk in Fayetteville more than two years ago pleaded guilty Thursday.

Alexis Mattocks, 22, pleaded guilty to first-degree murder, kidnapping, robbery with a dangerous weapon and conspiracy to commit armed robbery in the Nov. 6, 2010, death of Kyle Harris and was sentenced to life in prison without parole.

Harris, a 19-year-old University of North Carolina at Greensboro student, was working at Cumberland Pawn Shop when Cedric Theodis Hobbs Jr. and Mattocks robbed the store, shot Harris and stole his car.

The pair, who had their 9-month-old child with them at the time of the shooting, were arrested the following day in Washington, D.C.

Investigators said Hobbs and Mattocks likely went to the store because they were in need of a car after the stolen SUV they were driving broke down.

The gun used to kill Harris also was used to shoot a Georgia man in the face several hours earlier when his SUV was stolen about 30 miles west of Augusta, Ga., authorities said.

Mattocks had agreed last year to a plea deal that would have allowed her to plead guilty to second-degree murder in exchange for testifying against Hobbs. That plea would have allowed her release from prison in less than 30 years, according to Superior Court Judge Jim Ammons.

Ammons said she decided not to abide by the terms of the agreement and chose to plead guilty to first-degree murder. She told the judge that Hobbs hadn't threatened her, only that she wanted the case to be over.

"She wanted some finality," Ammons said. "She was doing so of her own free will."

Hobbs, 31, is scheduled to go to trial next January, and he could face the death penalty.


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  • wife-of-a-concrete-man Apr 4, 2013

    This was a sickening story then and it is just as sickening today--- I hope she rots a horrible life behind bars while Kyle Harris' Mother tries to find some sort of peace!

  • yinyangtkdgirl Apr 4, 2013

    The family that commits armed robbery together goes to prison together....I believe this was an episode on the New Little House on the Prairie....

  • ccsloop Apr 4, 2013

    I have never heard of anyone pleading up to 1st degree murder.

  • Obamacare rises Apr 4, 2013

    I am so happy for her.

  • Rebelyell55 Apr 4, 2013

    While I'm not understanding the plea change, I'm thinking they both should be sentence to death.

  • SportsLover75 Apr 4, 2013

    They should both get a death sentence.

  • Terkel Apr 4, 2013

    Why should they both not be executed? I wish the law were: "when a non-participant dies, ALL participants do. No plea deals."

  • publicassistance Apr 4, 2013

    "The pair, who had their 9-month-old child with them at the time of the shooting, were arrested the following day in Washington, D.C."

    Ah, the new modern American family. How sweet. Sigh...