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Woman kidnapped, assaulted in Henderson

Posted February 14, 2013

— Henderson police are investigating the kidnapping and assault of a woman woman Thursday morning.

The victim was getting out of her vehicle in the downtown area shortly before 6 a.m. when a person got into her vehicle, drove her to another location and assaulted her, police said. 

No other information was released.

Police are encouraging people to check their surroundings before exiting their vehicles and to always park in well-lit areas.

Anyone with information on the kidnapping and assault should call Henderson police at 252-438-4141 or Crime Stoppers at 252-492-1925.


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  • fuzzmom Feb 20, 2013

    oldreb1965, I think flemingjt is correct. I have inlaws in Henderson and what we hear from them is daily. Maybe you just live on the "nicer" side of town, but trust me, what happens there is most often "not" reported for the public at large to even know about. Better yet, maybe you should go to District Court. You would be amazed what you hear and see there that never makes the news. Talk to some LEO or court personnel.

  • fed up in vance Feb 15, 2013

    Oldreb1965: I have friends and family that work both for HPD and VCSO. Convenience store robberies, shoplifting, home invasions, armed robberies are a FREQUENT weekly occurance in Vance Co. In fact yesterday there were actually 2 rapes reported with in an hour of each other and it is thought that the same 2 persons did both of them and just the other night a woman was forced into her car around 11pm in the Wal-mart parking lot by 2 AA males with a gun. They drove her to an ATM, made her take money out and threatened to kill her. As she drove down Dabney Dr. she crashed her car into a power pole and they jumped out and ran. I am advising ALL law abiding citizens of Vance Co. to go take a concealed weapons carry class, go to a local gun store and arm yourselves. This place is getting taken over by the criminals and we as law abidding citizens need to take it back.

  • oldreb1965 Feb 15, 2013

    flemingjt I think your stats are way off. There are some bad things going here but not as bad as you and a few others make it sound.
    "Convenience store robberies are almost weekly"? Well I live in Henderson and I'm not hearing of all of these robberies.
    "more teen deaths by guns than Charlotte per capita" That's pure BS. Research those stats and show me prof of that. Yes some teens have been killed by guns over the years but not like you make it sound. Notice that I said over the years.
    I challenge you to back up your stats.

  • STRAWBERRY LETTER 23 Feb 15, 2013

    I think there is good and bad, in EVERY town. I got my sweet Beagle from Henderson (Vance County Animal Control) several years ago for $5.00! (She was a senior then and is REALLY a sentior now) and it was the best thing I ever did! :-)


  • realestategal Feb 15, 2013

    Henderson is a nice town that has lost a lot of jobs in the last 10 years.A poor economy has bred more crime it is true, but Henderson is still a good place with a lot of really good people who do not appreciate the negative comments made by those who don't try to be a part of the solution. I'm proud to be a Henderson native.

  • andreanicole686 Feb 15, 2013

    From someone who lives in Henderson but not originally from Henderson it is amazing the backwards culture of the small town. Sadly, there are many amazing people that live here but because of the poverty and lack of education the town is just getting worse. It is the children who are getting into the downward cycle of gangs, violence and drugs because many of them don't have parents at home that know any different or their parents are working 2 or 3 different jobs to try to provide for them.

  • flemingjt Feb 15, 2013

    This town has really turned into a little Chicago. I taught there for 5 years...gangs in the schools, more teen deaths by guns than Charlotte per capita....truly sad. Convenience store robberies are almost weekly now. Unfortunately my mom still lives there. Outside of her home and church, it isn't safe. The good people of the area can't change the culture, so it seems.

  • Terkel Feb 15, 2013

    Josey, I haven't set foot in Henderson in well over a year. I'm tired of people trying to instigate racial carp with me and frankly, have yet to see anything good come out of Henderson. I'll go to Durham before Henderson, and feel safer.

  • Outlaw Josey Wales Feb 15, 2013

    If you come to Henderson please be careful. Keep your car doors locked and pack some heat.