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Woman jailed for allegedly writing bad check for car

Posted September 11, 2008

— A Wilson County woman was arrested Wednesday for allegedly writing a bad check to a dealership in April for a new car

Terri Harrison Robbins, 48, wrote a check of $24,072.47 to Toyota of Goldsboro for a 2008 Toyota Camry in early April, Goldsboro police said. The check was returned because the bank account on which it was drawn was closed.

On April 9, police issued an arrest warrant for Robbins, charging her with obtaining property by false pretenses. Investigator Nelson Viera recovered the Camry and returned it to the dealership.

On Wednesday, Robbins was arrested on unrelated charges in Wilson County, then transported back to Wayne County.

Robbins was given a $6,000 secured bond at her first court appearance. She was being held in the Wilson County Jail Thursday morning.


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  • OnlyOneVoice Sep 12, 2008

    Can't believe they wouldn't verify such a large amount. Hey, this article made Fark!

  • I like everybody Sep 11, 2008

    We have one of those check verifying machines. They suck. Certain accounts, like money market, they have a problem working with, and other times I've seem it reject a check that had the money in the account. I've seen plenty of people told we couldn't take their check go right to the bank and get the money. Honest people. I hate the thing.

  • Nitro Sep 11, 2008

    Good for her!!!! those people at that dealership should have known if that check was good before she even took delivery of the unit.I have a couple of checks...maybe I'll go shopping there in a few days and pick me out two or three new cars!!!

  • whatusay Sep 11, 2008

    Wait a minute people...In 2005 I wrote a check for a car and the check bounced... I had a $15,000 credit line attached to my checking account...I thought. The bank had canceled it without me knowing. The dealer was "nice" enough to call me so I could straighten it all out before going to jail. I had opened a new checking account and the credit line did not follow it...or so I am told. Anyway...don't pass judgement before the facts come out.

  • big dog Sep 11, 2008

    loc wrote- "I would bet my entire paycheck that if a black man would have wrote a check in that amount it would have got verified first!!! I know that for a fact.. But because she was a white women they thought she was innocent!!!!!!"

    how is a comment such as this not moderated? This man should be ashamed of himself. Race has zero to do with it buddy, get over it already.

  • MizzZeta Sep 11, 2008

    I thought checks were verified electronically when you wrote them? Mine usually are anyways...

  • JAT Sep 11, 2008

    Why would they even accept a personal check for this amount? Some guy must have wanted to sell a car mighty bad.

  • CaryCrazzy Sep 11, 2008

    Watch Out She might use a check to get out of jail. Did some one say NSF

  • pwilliamson53 Sep 11, 2008

    Why wouldn't a dealership have an automated system in place for check verification? They are available and work...dah!!! A hand written check in that large amount should have been cleared by a bank before releasing the car to this person.
    This is another case of dumb acts, both on the part of this woman and the dealership.

  • iron fist Sep 11, 2008

    Why do people have to assume everything has to do with race. This IS NOT a black white issue. The dealership should have verified the check or at least asked for a certified check.