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Woman in wheelchair hit, killed in Fayetteville

Posted December 11, 2008
Updated December 12, 2008

— A Cumberland County woman was killed Thursday morning when a car on Legion Road struck her motorized wheelchair.

Amalie Shean, 47, of Island Drive, was traveling south on the road in a motorized wheelchair when Joseph Crisalli, of Hope Mils, hit her from behind. She was pronounced dead at the scene.

A state trooper said Shean was at fault in the wreck because she was in the roadway.

Trooper Jake Katzenberger said two of the woman's wheelchair wheels were on the pavement because of wet ground when the accident happened Thursday morning. Motorized wheelchairs are required to follow rules for pedestrians and are supposed to travel facing traffic.

Witnesses said the impact shattered the wheelchair. 


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  • no contest Dec 12, 2008

    A quote from the trooper in the story: "Motorized wheelchairs are required to follow rules for pedestrians and are supposed to travel facing traffic." The person driving the car in this accident and all other people that follow the rules of the road are usually NOT at fault. When you DO NOT follow rules of the road you lose. The driver is supposed to drive on the right. The other person is supposed to be on the left facing the traffic. The parson that got killed was not doing what they were supposed to do. If you walk on the wrong side of the road like so many dead and injured people have done then you are wrong and you can get hurt. Don't people teach teir kids anything anymore?

  • Homeward Dec 12, 2008

    Of course it's terrible for someone to pay with their life for being on the wrong side of the road in the rain on a narrow road. However it's not like the driver WANTED to have this tragedy happen. And what if you were the driver and had to choose between hitting her or crossing into oncoming traffic? And what if your family WAS that oncoming traffic?

  • AuntySocial Dec 12, 2008

    Hey Xioding, she was on a motorized vehicle. Pedestrians face traffic. Vehicles go with traffic.

  • ezLikeSundayMorning Dec 12, 2008

    Her failure to be in the correct place should not completely absolve the driver of any responsibility. If he could reasonably have seen her in time to stop shouldn't the driver be charged with failure to avoid a collision or reduce speed or something?

  • Xiaoding Dec 12, 2008

    The law is clear. Which part of "face the traffic" do you not understand?

  • 2beachy4u Dec 12, 2008

    It is terrible that she got killed, especially at this time of year. However, the area where this accident happened is a two lane road that has heavy traffic. I don't even like to drive on Legion Road much less be in a wheelchair on it. I don't think she should be blamed for this. Unless the driver was speeding, they should have had plenty of time to avoid hitting her. If you drive this area much, you know how it is and this accident could have been avoided. I passed where she was hit while the cops were there and given the area, this definitely could have been avoided.

  • BELLA28 Dec 12, 2008


    How is this her fault? So does this mean I dont have to slow down or swerve when I see someone on a bicycle or a scooter?

    Rest in Peace!

  • meh2 Dec 11, 2008

    Something isn't right here - it seems that regardless of where she was, the driver had to avoid killing her.

  • AuntySocial Dec 11, 2008

    So, if Ms. Shean were on a bicycle or motorcycle, the driver would be charged (or not because they aren't cars either.) That doesn't make sense to me.

  • xchief661 Dec 11, 2008