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Woman hit, killed on New Bern Avenue in Raleigh

Posted March 6, 2013

— A woman was killed late Tuesday after she was hit by a car while crossing New Bern Avenue, police said.

According to a wreck report, Anita Bridges, 53, was walking in the center lane of the road, near Cooke Street, shortly before midnight when the driver hit her while changing lanes. The driver told police she did not see Bridges.

It's unclear whether any charges will be filed.


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  • outhousecat Mar 7, 2013

    She must have been brave to walk anywhere on New Bern after dark. I hate having to go anywhere near there.

  • ezLikeSundayMorning Mar 7, 2013

    I still agree with no charges, but djofraleigh's comment makes me wonder if the driver signaled. It shows the importance of a turn signal even if you don't see anyone that needs to know. And signal before turning or changing lanes, not just during.

  • Lovey Mar 7, 2013

    Very Sad. I hope something can be done to make this area safer.

  • djofraleigh Mar 6, 2013

    I actually observed for two hours pedestrians crossing Edenton St. crossing at Capitol Square today at Noon. Everyone used the crosswalk (within a step of it) and all the school groups used the pole button to activate the stop light before crossing. Most crossed without the light and all but one timed it so cars did not have to stop. (many had the appearance of state workers) Only one young lady, hardly glanced at traffic, never stopped texting, and forced cars to stop for her. She turned her head to smile & nod a thank you to the last car stopped. She could have been dead right. Her heels were four inchers, at least, and she would have had a hard time 'jumping out of the way.' The greatest danger there, where all all three lanes are not blocked by stopped cars is a car changing lanes to pass the stopped ones.

    The touring middle school groups were well controlled by teachers, and the students appeared fascinated by the crossing guide and bird whistles, probably a novelty to them.

  • djofraleigh Mar 6, 2013

    I drive by there weekly & the "center lane" is the most used traffic lane. There are four lanes on New Bern there, with the one on the left being a turn/parking lane, & the one most right feels a bit tight due to the old high crown, so most people drive in the center lane if possible. I wait to get left even if I'm going to Bojangles when I can. The traffic is not heavy at midnight, so the pedestrian could have waited until nothing was coming and not chanced being caught in the street. Guess she misjudged how much time she had to beat the car, and stopped, not knowing it was going to change lanes?

    The speed limit is 45mph there. The driver didn't leave the scene, and wasn't under the influence, and there's no reason to believe the driver was homicidal, so I guess it was a tragic accident.

    I would support a strictly enforced city wide maximum speed of 25mph inside the belt line. Would you? A raleigh pedestrian is killed about every other month. How many are hurt?

  • Dido Mar 6, 2013

    Two sad stories today about people being struck by cars. Both happening long after sundown. Can't tell you how many times driving home that people have darted out in front of me at night on Capital Blvd, expecting that they can easily be seen. Pedestrians and drivers both need to use common sense.

  • Fireflies Rock Mar 6, 2013

    I should hope she shouldn't be charged; she was legally changing lanes in the middle of the night. The woman who was hit is at fault, and as tragic as it is, the woman who was driving is a victim here too.

  • STRAWBERRY LETTER 23 Mar 6, 2013

    So sorry this happened, but I hope the person who hit her, is not charged. Sometimes drivers (even during the day) can not see those on foot, through not fault of their own. Night is obviously worse. I saw something right up the street one night and realized it was a PERSON crossing Brenwood Road - 45 MPH zone. NO PC, on that road. Thank God I saw him.



  • oakcity Mar 6, 2013

    i drive this road every day as well

    it happens all the time, folks just blindly walk out into new bern or worse, jog out and then walk slowly while staring you down. its like a game thats played every morning, we've come to call the jog out and walk action as 'the new bern shuffle"

    if rpd really wants to do something about this they would enforce jaywalking laws.

    granted people fly through there, but its not always the fault of the vehicle.

  • ezLikeSundayMorning Mar 6, 2013

    Not that it applies here, but there is an implied crosswalk at any intersection where one is not painted. Not that that makes them any safer. In this case as more facts have come out it seems likely the pedestrians fault. Perhaps the driver could have paid better attention or maybe bad luck had her checking her blind spot to change lanes at the moment she would have seen the pedestrian.