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Woman hit by car at Raleigh intersection

Posted September 11, 2012
Updated September 12, 2012

— A pedestrian was hit by a car at the intersection of New Bern Avenue and Raleigh Boulevard in Raleigh Tuesday evening, police said.

The woman was taken to WakeMed with serious injuries but was recovering early Wednesday. Her name and condition were not released.

The crash is under investigation.

No other information was released.


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  • Ol Forrester Sep 13, 2012

    WRAL, if you're not going to fill in all the blanks in this story, take it down and put up something new.

  • Dale Sep 12, 2012

    Marty, that accident has nothing to do with the socioeconomically disadvantaged. Every where not just on New Bern Ave, people don't look any more they just walk out. I see it just about every day. As far as enforcing jay walking, that will never happen. I hate driving downtown, people dart out in between cars without looking. They are either too lazy to walk to a crosswalk or in a "hurry", or they just think they are invincible.

  • hckyplyr72 Sep 12, 2012

    Maybe she was training for the dodgeball tournament in Las Vegas?

  • Wiser_now Sep 12, 2012

    ooo - lots of assumptions there, Marty. Where does it say the pedestrian was jay-walking or the driver was speeding, that anyone involved is "socioeconomically disadvantaged", or even that traffic laws were violated? Maybe it was an old-fashioned accident where there was a momentary lapse in attention. I do hope you're not in journalism.

  • dwntwnboy Sep 12, 2012

    "train these socioeconomically disadvantaged to obey traffic laws"- this has NOTHING to do with "socioeconomics"- from what the article says, she WAS at the intersection where people cross the road. Seems like there are some pieces missing in this story to come to the conclussion you did about the driver OR the victims "socioeconomical disadvantages".