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Woman helping with flat tire killed on I-95

Posted August 3, 2010
Updated August 4, 2010

— A Florida woman who stopped to help a relative with a flat tire died when struck by an SUV along Interstate 95 near Kenly Tuesday evening, state troopers said.

Trooper Jack Thorpe said the family was traveling in two vehicles to New Jersey and stopped for a flat tire at mile marker 105 shortly before 9 p.m.

He said that a dog escaped from one of the vehicles and ran into the median. Jo Ann Torlish-Corby, 56, of Kississimme, Fla., chased after the dog and caught it in the median.

Crossing the interstate again, Torlish-Corby was struck by a 2005 GMV Envoy driven Jeremy Wilkins, 20, of Selma. She and the dog were killed.

Troopers said they found no violations by Wilkins and do not plan to file charges.


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  • imsosorry Aug 9, 2010

    momof3wilkes, I am within your church family and yes, we are praying for all involved. If there is anything we can do PLEASE let us know. Ignore the crazy comments on here, there is only one person who can judge and HE knows everything, hold your head up and know we love you guys. Paige

  • leo-nc Aug 5, 2010


    Don't worry about what most of the Golo geniuses say here. Most of them are clueless and couldn't understand reality vs. their little fantasy world if it bit them in the tail. I understand your family is going through a lot right now as well, so don't even pay attention to these comments. They come from the mentally challenged for the most part.

  • momof3wilkes Aug 5, 2010

    First as the mother of this driver let say that if you were not there you should not be making comments about my son. He was doing everything that he should have been. READ the reports. The troopers could find NO NO NO NO violations. He was only going 68 mph and moved over into the left lane to avoid the cars that were on the shoulder of the road on the right side. He (and his family) have to live with the repercussions of this accident for the rest of our lives. We also completely understand the impact that it will have on the other family. We are in deep prayer on an hourly basis for that family and have our church family praying for them also. However, what you say on these comments effect deeply the people that are involved. Please, please, please use your brain and think before your make stupid comments about tragic situations like this.

  • leo-nc Aug 4, 2010

    He will relive it but don't forget that her whole family saw everything right in front of their eyes. They will also never forget watching their mother/grandmother being killed in such a manner. Tragic accident and horrible circumstances, but nothing beyond that.

  • Scare Crow Aug 4, 2010

    That poor kid will relive that night for the rest of his life. Like th IMAP man said "slow down" and keep those eyes on the road.

  • leo-nc Aug 4, 2010

    BigUNCFan, thank you for responding with some common sense. That's a rarity around here these days.

  • leo-nc Aug 4, 2010

    "Driver should have been paying attention to where his car was going regardless"---

    You are clueless. Trust me.

  • BigUNCFan Aug 4, 2010

    "This is a horrible story for everyone involved. When you see a broken-down car on the side of the road, please keep your eyes open for something like this."

    Not to be mean spirited but keep my eyes open for what???? Someone popping out of the median without looking while it is dark? Sometimes people make bad choices and they pay the price. That is what happened here. You can't fault the driver for driving in a normal responsible manner. It is like when you hit a deer. You can say slow down all you want but if the deer pops out right in front of you with no warning, there really is not anything you can do. No one seems to fault drivers in deer collisions. This is no different. It just happned to be a person popping out of nowhere with a dog instead of a deer.

  • BigUNCFan Aug 4, 2010

    To all of the back seat drivers saying this guy should be charged, they should get a clue. He is driving straight and the disabled car is to the right in the shoulder. Instinctively, you would move to the left where the lady popped out of the median with her dog.

    It is the woman who should have paid attention to the situation. She was walking into traffic in the dark with a dog. I feel for her but she was at fault, not the driver. How could the driver in the dark anticipate someone popping out into traffic from a median. It is not even something I would remotely plan for.

    Also, crate your dog and this would not happen.

    The driver already has to live with this forever, no need to charge him when he is not at fault.

    People say he needed to slow down but there are minimum speads (usually 45 to 50 mph) on an interstate. The traffic needs to keep moving.

  • lissarra Aug 4, 2010

    This is a horrible story for everyone involved. When you see a broken-down car on the side of the road, please keep your eyes open for something like this.