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Woman fatally shot by authorities after Edgecombe chase

Posted March 31, 2013

— A Winston-Salem woman who was the subject of a statewide Silver Alert last week was shot and killed by authorities on U.S. Highway 64 Sunday morning after a pursuit, the North Carolina State Highway Patrol said Sunday afternoon.

Spokesman 1st Sgt. Jeff Gordon said in a news release that police in Robersonville – in Martin County – attempted to stop Melissa Anne Jenkins, 60, shortly before 10:30 a.m., but that Jenkins fled, leading authorities on a chase along westbound U.S. 64 into Edgecombe County.

Jenkins was armed with multiple weapons, Gordon said, when she pulled over her white 2002 Jeep Grand Cherokee on the highway about 15 minutes later.

"Law enforcement personnel tirelessly attempted to negotiate with the driver to surrender but were unsuccessful," Gordon said in the news release.

At approximately 11:45 a.m., she got out of the vehicle and pointed a weapon at law enforcement officers, who returned fire, killing Jenkins.

US 64 standoff Missing woman killed after police chase

The North Carolina Center for Missing Persons issued a Silver Alert – a notification about missing people who suffer from cognitive impairments – for Jenkins Friday afternoon.

Gordon said an investigation into the shooting is under way and that multiple law enforcement agencies, including the Edgecombe and Martin County sheriff's offices and Robersonville Police Department, were at the scene and that officers with multiple agencies fired shots.

State troopers W.R. Bulluck and S.A. Stone have been placed on administrative duty pending an investigation by the State Bureau of Investigation, which is standard in officer-involved shootings. Gordon clarified Sunday evening that he did not yet know if they were the officers who fired the fatal shots.

Bulluck is a 10-year veteran of the state Highway Patrol in Nash County, and Stone has been with the agency in Pitt County for five years.


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  • carolclark70 Apr 2, 2013

    We were, unfornately, at the scene of this horrific tragedy on Sunday. We witnessed her fleeing from the police and then were 3 cars behind the standoff which lasted 45 minutes. We were in a family car with small children who were very afraid. The troopers did an outstanding job keeping the other motorists safe. Please do not assume that the troopers made a rush to judgement. It is a sad story, but one where the officers did every thing in their power to keep the innocent motorists on the highway safe.

  • jacamillo Apr 2, 2013

    Some people really make me wonder...you want law enforcement to protect you & your family. They put their lives on the line everyday for all of us. Then, when their lives are endangered & they have to make the choice to shoot someone or be shot, the widespread panic is abundant. The police did what they should have done - they protected all of you.

  • Rollen Stewart Apr 2, 2013

    I totally agree with the person that said she only pointed the gun at them...she didn't shoot.

  • JustOneGodLessThanU Apr 2, 2013

    If this woman would have survived, does anyone here think that she should be allowed to buy another gun?...without first going through some sort of background check?

  • Lightfoot3 Apr 2, 2013

    "Its pathetic the way the Gun lobby try to put their dangerous toys on the same level a necessary form of transport." - Grand Union

    The religiously anti-gun do it too. Take a look...

    "People regularly are told they can no longer drive because it would be unsafe (vision and problems of old age for example) so why on earth should guns, which are far more deadly not be similarly regulated." - Grand Union

    Hmm, comparing guns to cars? How many cars do you encounter in a day compared to guns? Operating a car and operating a gun are vastly different things. Comparing driving a car to an old person having a gun for protection is silly.

  • lopo Apr 2, 2013

    Come on, we all like to believe the police will do the right thing but has anyone seen some of these troopers. They are pretty big guys in weight rooms and talking smack. And now they have to use deadly force against a 60 year old women. Can't anyone see why the NC state patrol have been involved is so many scandals? Shame on them!

  • jsawyer602 Apr 1, 2013

    "Did they ever find the "weapon" she "pointed" at them?"

    Yes. It was in her "hand" after they tried to give her "medical aid". Any other "questions"

    Well seems we want ever get her version the police made sure of that.

  • Pepe Silvia Apr 1, 2013

    "Thier "JOB" is to serve and protect,Not KILL !!!" - nckidd29

    At what point are they no longer allowed to protect THEMSELVES?

  • MrsPage1989 Apr 1, 2013

    well they said on the news she pointed a gun, all you folks were right

  • Relic Apr 1, 2013

    Hans - You need help. Really.