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Woman dies in Chatham County wreck

Posted October 3, 2011

North Carolina State Highway Patrol officials are investigating the cause of an early morning crash that killed a woman in Chatham County Monday.

Authorities said Casey Estridge, 27, of Bennett, was driving east on N.C. Highway 42 when she crossed the center lane and ran off the road into an embankment.

Estridge was ejected from her Nissan Altima after it flipped several times, troopers said.

Officials are still trying to determine a cause of the crash. No other information was available.


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  • shellie51191 Oct 5, 2011

    I am Casey's first cousin. Me and Casey grew up together & i agree with you 100% raskimjus15. Our family is still in shock. Its just so surreal that this has happened to our family again. Just 3 years ago me & Casey lost another cousin to a car accident where he flipped several times and was ejected from the vehicle. He wasnt wearing a seatbelt either. We will never know what exactly happened in this situation, but as everyone has said, it must not be meant for us to know. It was Casey's time, and as hard as it is for us to face the fact, we will never understand why she had to go so early & leave her 7 year old Kaylee. RIP Casey, i love and miss you!

  • raskimjus15 Oct 5, 2011

    I know this family personally and have known Casey since middle school.....regardless of if she was wearing a seatbelt or not, this is still very very tragic. Nobody knows what happened but her and God. Those roads in our area down there are hilly and curvy and everything you can think of, it's easy to wreck down there. May God be with her family and especially her little girl. RIP Casey!

  • wildcat Oct 4, 2011

    wonder what happened to that poor woman?


  • DeathRow-IFeelYourPain-NOT Oct 4, 2011

    btneast, I was thinking the same thing. Seatbelt? But if you roll a car many times, its still possible to be ejected in some circumstances.

  • asmith2 Oct 4, 2011

    so sad...

  • wildcat Oct 3, 2011

    My condolences to the family that God/Jesus will bring them all peace and comfort in the days ahead. Keep her memories for they are precious. Smile, laugh, look at picture whenever you want, talk about the good times being around her, and yes you may shed a tear or two. But that is OK. When the sun rises tomorrow, may you all see joy. May she rest in peace..........

  • bombayrunner Oct 3, 2011

    gosh this sounds bad. wonder what happened to that poor woman? ... we may never know.

  • agglover Oct 3, 2011

    If you really arent familiar with the roads down in that part of the country then you shouldnt speculate. Those roads are just back country roads, with plenty of curbs and wildlife. The only person who knows why this young lady ran off the road is her and she has taken the answers to heaven with her. People need to stop speculating and just pray for the family who has lost a dear loved one.

  • mewuvbb Oct 3, 2011

    I can not understand how a video game is relevent to this story, Hwy 42 is twist and turns road, and it was possibly a deer that ran out in front of the young lady and also the seat belt could have broken as the story states it is under investigation. This young lady was a mother, a daughter, and a best friend to many. My prayers are with you all that knew her and to her young daughter she left behind. I hope that you are comforted in God's Grace during this tragic event.

  • btneast Oct 3, 2011

    @Common sense man. Since you've heard it all I'd love for you to explain why simulators for driving wouldnt be beneficial like simulators for aircraft and military vehicles are for their pilots/drivers. Please enlighten us with all your common sense.

    There is a HUGE difference between a flight simulator and sitting at a table with a desktop computer. A computer game is better than nothing, but it loses the connection from real time with no motion, not real controls, etc