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Woman dies after tractor-trailer rear-ends car on I-95

Posted March 29, 2009
Updated March 30, 2009

— State troopers said a tractor-trailer rear-ended a Nissan passenger car on Interstate 95 South in Nash County Saturday night, killing a woman and injuring four other people.

The wreck happened at mile marker 145, near Battleboro, north of Rocky Mount, around 11:30 p.m.

Laytona Denise McKeithan, 23, of Mount Vernon, N.Y., died after she was ejected from the car, troopers said.

One person was in critical condition after being airlifted to Pitt Memorial Hospital in Greenville. Three other people were injured and taken to Nash County Hospital.

Troopers said charges against the tractor-trailer driver were pending.


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  • iron fist Mar 30, 2009

    I have seen cars do the same to trucks they don't want to follow them if they are doing the speed limit, drivers will pass the trucks and cut back in front of them pretty quickly, I wasn't there did not see the accident happen and have no way to know who caused the accident. So I will not judge either driver until the facts are in.

    wonbyone74 you drive the speed limit on 95 odds are you will be in an accident. I do everything I can to avoid 95.

  • Lone Voice in the Wilderness Mar 30, 2009

    I do two things: obey the speed limit and drive in the right lane. I use the left lane for passing vehicles only.

    There are times when I would like to have a bumper sticker that reads: I obey the speed limit. Tailgating me, flashing your lights, or giving me the finger will not cause me to speed up.

  • crustyhalo Mar 30, 2009

    I agree with monky..just pull over and let the speeders pass

  • wonbyone74 Mar 30, 2009

    monky- you are WRONG in many ways...first of all the speed LIMIT is the LIMIT...if the law wanted you to go over, then it wouldnt say SPEED LIMIT!!! also, i actually know several people who have been ticketed going 3- 5 miles over...and it states that on the ticket.
    i also traveled down 95 this weekend and cant count on 2 hands how many times truckers came right on my tail and i was very surprised that i didnt get clipped! i also go the speed limit and cant understand why others dont!

  • m0nky Mar 30, 2009

    kingfather: when you go exactly the speed limit on those back roads you are doing just as much to endanger yourself as that trucker was. people are impatient and when there is little to no consequence for going 5 to 9 mph over 55 on that road, they are going to be a little ticked that you are going "slow." if you find yourself in that situation again i suggest you find a place to pull over and let the line of cars behind you pass you. it'd be safer for everyone.

  • kingfather Mar 30, 2009

    With the agressiveness of truck drivers,I expect more of this to happen. Last week I was drivivng on US 158 towards Roanoke Rapids, and an 18 wheeler was less than a car length behing me, and I was driving 55MPH the speed limit. He finally passed me on a straight stretch, and was sitting at the red light in Littleton as I pulled-up behing him. Did him a great deal of good to endanger my life!Un fortunately, if he was to get a ticket for reckless driving, the lawyers and the judges would do nothing to stop him from endangering others.