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Woman dies after crashing into trailer on I-40 shoulder

Posted April 13, 2010

— A woman died Monday after she drove off Interstate 40 East near N.C. Highway 54 and crashed into a trailer on the grass shoulder around 10:40 p.m.

The woman, 19-year-old Roxsana Jimenez Dimas of Winston-Salem, apparently swerved in her 2007 Chrysler to avoid a vehicle that was parked on the left shoulder, according to Durham police.

She lost control of her car, crossed the eastbound lanes, ran off the right side of the road and struck a steel trailer parked in the grass, police said.


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  • guitar88 Apr 14, 2010

    Around 10:40 at night the road would not be heavily traveled. On monday around 3pm the mobile home was still on the trailer and on tuesday at the same time the home was gone but the trailer remained. Another thing that needs to be mentioned is that the trailer was maybe a foot from the line on the side of the road.

  • mulecitybabe Apr 13, 2010

    My condolences to this lady's family. That being said, I drive from Exit 319 to Exit 273 at least 3 days every week to work and back. If you drive 40, expect road construction, sudden lane changes, lane swerves, barrels, cones, concrete barriers, cretins with driver's licenses and cell phones on the road, rubber neckers slamming on brakes to watch somebody change a tire, cops sitting on the left shoulder just as you come around a curve running radar, and of course broken down vehicles of every imaginable type that sit there for days and include house trailers. Not to mention couches, appliances, mattresses, ladders, etc that fall off people's cars. If you can't handle sudden and unexpected disasters, stay off the interstates in NC. I'say that as someone who's driven our roads since I was licensed at 16. Be careful out there.

  • boingc Apr 13, 2010

    "Why can't most of you "posters" just send your thoughts & prayers to the deceased person's family and friends."

    Because this is a time to learn from their mistakes. It takes death to make some people realize that their actions, especially when driving, have consequences. This is a discussion board, not a condolence board.

  • boingc Apr 13, 2010

    "Plus, her chances of survival by hitting a tree, instead of a steel trailer, would have been much greater."

    Not necessarily. Larger trees don't tend to move much when a car hits them -- the car just wraps around. Unless it was a small tree, the trailer probably would have been better to hit because it would have given way more, slid, or rolled.

  • rtpduder Apr 13, 2010

    When my parents drive here to visit from out of state, they always comment on the sheer number of disabled cars sitting on the side of the roads in NC. It definitely is a problem here.

  • lisa4 Apr 13, 2010

    Why can't most of you "posters" just send your thoughts & prayers to the deceased person's family and friends. Why do you want to condemn her driving skills when she is not here to defend herself. Have a heart for crying out loud.
    Now - with that said May God Bless the family and friends during this difficult time. I hope & pray that none of them read some of these comments!

  • wolfnuke Apr 13, 2010

    Did they take the mobile home away and leave the trailer? All I have seen is an empty utlity trailer in the pictures from the accident. The pictures I saw were from a distance so maybe it was bigger than I thought but still, the owners will be charged with something, even if they weren't really the cause of the accident.

  • mpheels Apr 13, 2010

    As others have said, that trailer has been there for days. This was just a perfect storm - hazard on the left shoulder that caught the driver off guard, she over corrected, and ended up hitting a much larger hazard on the right shoulder. There's no way of know what would have happened if the trailer wasn't there, but there's a reason it's illegal to park on the side of the interstate and a reason you are supposed to move disabled vehicles as soon as possible.

    I can tell you that it made me nervous over the weekend to see the trailer and house there - people merging onto 40 at that interchange always seem to have trouble matching the speed of traffic, either going way too slow or way too fast, and I'm always worried someone is going to get run off the road. Adding half a house to the mix only made it worse...

  • ncguy Apr 13, 2010

    I pass it everyday.

    I was even there when they pulled over and put it there to begin with.
    So someone has half a home and the other half is now damaged.

    I always though thye should not be allowed on the highway.

  • wolfnuke Apr 13, 2010

    As sad as it is it really is just an accident. I doubt the trailer had been there more than a few hours, those things are stolen pretty quick if the owners don't come back for them. If she had hit a tree it wouldn't have been the fault of the squirrel that buried the nut.