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Woman dead, two men injured in Fayetteville crash

Posted February 8, 2011

— A woman died and two men were injured in a single-vehicle crash on Bragg Boulevard near Cape Fear Avenue in Fayetteville Tuesday morning, police said.

Front-seat passenger Elizabeth White, 22, of Morning Glory Drive in Stedman, died in the crash.

Her brother, Richard White Jr., 27, of the same address, was in critical condition. He was driving the car and had a suspended license, according to police.

Back-seat passenger Carl Chipman, 33, of Cedar Hill Drive in Fayetteville, suffered minor injuries.

Richard White Jr. was driving in-bound on Bragg Boulevard when he lost control of his vehicle, went off the road and struck a utility pole, according to police. No one was wearing a seat belt, authorities said.

No other information was available, and police said they are looking for witnesses. Anyone with information should call 910-433-1036 and ask for Officer D.W. West.


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  • afaliveno2000 Feb 9, 2011

    I am not saying that he should have drove with a suspended license. The fact that his license was suspended does not necessarily mean that was the cause of the accident. Most people whos license is suspended still know how to drive they just made mistakes. Yes, they should have been wearing their seatbelts however you cannot control what your passengers do or don't do. Everyone is missing the point though, she was a mother & now there is a 3 year old child who will never see her mother again & cannot fully understand why. People can feel the way that they want to but expressing it for other people to read is another thing when someone has lost their life. People have some respect for the deceased child & mother who not only has to cope with the death of a child but also has to deal with another child who is injured. So please just pray for the family & keep your negative comments to yourself.

  • fmcmahonjr Feb 9, 2011

    I guess this is a life lesson for the young man who drove this vehicle without a NCDL and for the fact he wasn't responsible enough to tell his pasengers to BUCKLE UP.

  • lilylogansmom Feb 8, 2011

    This is an unfortunate situation, and a very sad situation, not only for the life lost so young, but for the young womans family who are mourning her. Before you come on this page and make "rude" comments about people you dont even know, PLEASE think how you would feel if that was your child, or your sister or brother. For those of you who have forgotten one of the best "golden rules" out there, let me remind you, IF YOU DONT HAVE ANYTHING NICE TO SAY, THEN DONT SAY ANYTHING AT ALL! To the family of this young lady, know that you are in my prayers, take care, and God bless you!

  • angeleyes696931 Feb 8, 2011

    Do yall have nothing better to do, than sit on here and talk junk about these ppl, you don't know theses ppl i do and Liz was, is my bf adn it saddens me to here ppl like yall talking junk about them, you never knew her so u have no room to talk, let the dead rest in peace and just drop it already yes they were not wearing any seat belts but that would not of saved her life even if she was wearing it. so please out of respect for family and friends please just stop posting trash talk if u want to trash talk use ur own page to do so on! thank you for the ppl who have sent their prayers we appriciate them.

  • Likestobearrogant Feb 8, 2011

    NCDL or not why are they all so dumb not to have seat belts on?!?!?

  • bmg379 Feb 8, 2011

    this brings up something interesting,a few years ago wral setup cameras outside the courthouse,went in to view the cases and followed the people who all had lost their ncdl as they got in a car and drove their selves

  • bmg379 Feb 8, 2011

    Have you thought that his license could have been suspended because he paid his car insurance late, times are tough and sometimes we make bad decisions, we are human,

    you do not have your drivers license suspended for paying your ins late

  • KwaziMojo Feb 8, 2011

    Criminals all.

  • webberx101 Feb 8, 2011


  • Glass Half Full Feb 8, 2011

    Richard Boyd white, Jr has charges pending for driving while license revoked and driving with expired/fictious tags. Not his first brush. So sorry for all affected.