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Woman Charged With Methadone Trafficking

Posted March 21, 2008
Updated April 2, 2008

— A Raleigh woman was arrested Friday and charged with drug trafficking after investigators said she sold 125 grams of methadone over the past two months.

Joan Alicia Price, 56, of 3116 Hillsborough St., is charged with 11 counts of trafficking in heroin and opium. She was being held in the Wake County Jail on a $1 million bond.


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  • Miaitaliana Mar 21, 2008

    ddomansk- I am so sorry about what your wife is going through. I did work as a home health care tech and I see people in your wife's situation, as anything BUT a statistic. It must be hard for you both to deal with the public eye, being so scrutinizing. For that, I wish people had more cooth and decency. I wish you and your family the very best!

  • ddomansk Mar 21, 2008

    So if your taking methadone you’re a heroin addict. What a solid report effort by our staff at WRAL. Why not just one time, give the people who need the encouragement the right message. How hard would it have been to simply add it is also used for pain management? NOT EVERYONE TAKING METHADONE IS A HERION ADDICT. I do not want to hear it “people shouldn’t care what others think”. You try it, get treated as a junkie. I watch my wife get treated that way everyday by hospitals, nurses, family, friends, doctors, and reports who know nothing about how it feels to not be able to get out of bed. Who can’t walk, who can’t pick up their children. I don’t care what any of you say – my wife goes days without eating, or being able to keep her meds in her and we go to the ER – she is treated exactly like this article – like a drug addict. Maybe 1 -10 doctors understand that feeling the rest of the people just look at you like a heroin addict. Regardless of what this wo

  • hdonthefarm Mar 21, 2008

    John Lennon glasses and mind-altering drugs...who says the '60's are over?

  • Student Nurse Mar 21, 2008

    My first thought was that she must be a nurse. I know an ex-nurse that stole medicine from patients on a regular basis. She got busted and fired, halfway house, the whole bit...she is still finding sources.

  • mrkagain Mar 21, 2008

    A one million dollar bond? What did she do, force feed the stuff to all the kids in a daycare? There is more to this story than has been reported yet.................

  • Jokers Wild II Mar 21, 2008

    mramorak - are you serious? People can get these pills by a number of different sources with ease.

  • tooblessed Mar 21, 2008

    And she is not from Durham

  • mramorak Mar 21, 2008

    How did she get the stuff?Did she have an rx for it?

  • Alicat Mar 21, 2008

    What an upstanding citizen