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Woman charged with driving drunk on Cary railroad

Posted September 5, 2011

— A Raleigh woman faces charges that she drove drunk on railroad tracks in downtown Cary Saturday night, nearly getting hit by a train, police said.

Cary officers said that Robyn Michelle Walker, 36, of 729 Aquinas Ave. in Raleigh, was following directions on her GPS system but made a wrong left turn onto railroad tracks. Police said they contacted the operator of an oncoming train and got it to slow down and stop before it could hit her.

Police said that Walker was drunk and refused to take a breathalyzer test. She was charged with driving while impaired.


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  • vegangrl68 Sep 14, 2011

    Here is what I think it just absolutely hilarious...that you people have time out of your busy days to comment on a mistake someone made...cause none of you have ever made a mistake..i understand how serious drunk driving is, but really? find something else to do..did you ever think she might know she made a mistake and regrets it more than anything...

  • thinkb4uspeakplz Sep 6, 2011

    Hey Robyn, when you get out of jail, call me...I got some ocean front property in Kansas I need to sell you.

  • BuglessDuster Sep 6, 2011

    On those rare occasions when my GPS device tells me to drive down a sidewalk or through the woods, I ignore it. That's just me not being obedient though.

  • Mom2two Sep 6, 2011

    GPS = Stupidity. I am not turning over my common sense to a machine. (But I WILL let it find me a CrackerBarrell!)

  • sammyg Sep 6, 2011

    She looks totally trashed...throw the book at her once she sobers up! (which may take days...)

  • Valkyrie Sep 6, 2011

    First, I'm glad no one was injured as a result of her drinking and driving. Secondly, I hope she has a thick skin because she will be laughed at and joked about for a very long time.

  • kellypsnll Sep 5, 2011

    Is this a remake of the commercial for Allsate? Mayhem? Recalculating. TURN RIGHT NOW!!!

  • no contest Sep 5, 2011

    I look at the GPS as a device to help AFTER I have looked at a map and copied down some instructions. And I DO NOT sit in the middle of the road or wait at green lights holding everyone up referring to my directions.

    People have an excuse for everything these days and they are wearing those excuses out. It is time to use your brain.

  • Faux Hemingway Sep 5, 2011

    This could have been so tragic, but it makes me laugh so hard. Quick thinking on CPD's part to warn the train operator. Must have forgot to update the ol' garmin.

  • Big Mike Sep 5, 2011

    One toot toot too many!....