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Woman charged in Pitt wreck that killed 6-year-old flower girl

Posted April 29, 2011

— State troopers have charged an Edgecombe County woman in connection with a wreck that killed a 6-year-old flower girl on the way to a wedding in Greenville.

WNCT in Greenville reports that Mupin Wu Cummings, 39, of Pinetops, faces a charge of misdemeanor death by motor vehicle.

State troopers said that Cummings' Jeep Cherokee crossed the center line of N.C. Highway 43 on April 9, striking a Honda Accord head-on. Ava Kendall was killed, and two bridesmaids – Michele Garland, 22, and Lindsey Whitehurst, 13 – were injured, along with Cummings.

Cummings first court date was set for Sept. 8. Troopers said the date was delayed due to the extent of her injuries.


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  • chamberlainregin Apr 29, 2011

    Having lost 2 of my own children in a terrible accident as well as the lil boy i was babysitting I can definitely see both sides of this story.It was just my car involved but REST ASSURED that lady will have to live the rest of her life knowing that she is responsible for the death of that little girl and that (in my personal experience) is like being in ur own personal jail EVERY DAY OF UR LIFE!!! I am not taking the side of the woman who caused the wreck as a family lost a child and tht is THE WORST THING IMANGINABLE. My heart goes out to them!!! I just wanted to add my own personal perspective for all the ppl out there screaming for this woman to go to jail!!! As for the family who lost that beautiful child, I COMPLETELY understand tht you have to do what u feel is right for your daughter as I would do the same and you will be in my thoughts and prayers!!!!

  • RB aka Spirit Warrior Woman Apr 29, 2011

    Don't see any mention of anything dropping to the floor in the preceding story covering this either.


    Where are you getting that information from?

  • RB aka Spirit Warrior Woman Apr 29, 2011

    hattieb - "Due to this womans neglegience in her driving skills."

    What negligence?

    Don't see any mention of this in the story.

  • RB aka Spirit Warrior Woman Apr 29, 2011

    I don't understand how they can charge these people in things that are just ACCIDENTS, then let others who were clearly DUI go with far less.

    If they've been drinking or drugging and this happens, then in my opinion, it was NOT an accident.

    But in such as this, an accident is an unforeseen event that one could not plan for.

    I am truly sorry for those who loved this beautiful child, but an accident IS an accident.

  • hellorhighwaters Apr 29, 2011

    ENC-43.....I don't know why the censors would not let the fact that this little girl was properly restraint go through.

    Fact still remains that this poor child is gone. Due to this womans neglegience in her driving skills. She really should have pulled off the road to get whatever it was that she had dropped in the floor-board. And probably this child would be still alive.
    So, it was indeed her fault that this 'accident' happened. And she should get some type of punishment for her neglegience.

    We all have reached to pick-up something we dropped in the floorboard; and that really needs to stop. Before we are in the same situation saying 'I'm sorry, I didn't mean too', knowing it was our fault and laziness in not stopping the car to pick-up the item we dropped.

  • HowManyOunces Apr 29, 2011

    "In some cases charges are only filed if the issue is pressed."

    If this had been my child, I would press the issue. I would need that justice for my baby.

  • HowManyOunces Apr 29, 2011

    "No, it's called a wreck. We just call them accidents because we don't want to blame someone when it could easily have been us (driving home tired and stressed rather than drunk or texting). This lady, if found guilty, should be punished; just not as severely as a drunk or willfully inattentive driver."

    I agree with this. Regardless of her intention, this woman is responsible for the death of this little girl. When you get behind the wheel of a car, you take responsibility for what may happen.

  • Pseudonym Apr 29, 2011

    Some of you people need to look up "accident" in the dictionary. Dictionary.com is a great resource. This WAS INDEED an accident because it was UNINTENTIONAL. By saying it's not an accident, you are saying it was her INTENTION to PURPOSEFULLY hurt or kill someone that day. Was she negligent? Absolutely. But until you can prove that she intentionally crossed the center line, do NOT say it was no accident.

  • ENC-43 Apr 29, 2011

    The little girl was properly restrained......that is a fact. Why did the censors not let this comment go through??? It was not the fault of the driver of her car....drives me crazy people want to put blame where it doesn't lie.....the offending driver dropped something and was reaching in the floorboard to get it....when she was doing this she ended up on the shoulder of the OTHER side of the road, that's when she hit the girls car head on...

  • Mom2two Apr 29, 2011

    Amen, Pandora's Box.

    It makes me recall a horrible crash years ago on Capital Blvd where a tractor-trailer rear-ended a car at a stoplight. That car contained a family on their way to the hospital with a woman about to deliver a baby. It was 4am and the truck driver looked down to change the radio station. The entire family was killed.

    A small act with deadly consequences. The same act that most people do every single day (and most do a lot worse than simply change the radio station).

    I can't imagine being in the shoes of the person responsible for someone's death because of a small errant act. My prayers are for healing for all involved.