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Woman charged in Fayetteville hit-and-run

Posted August 7, 2014

Brett Elizabeth Glancy

— A Fayetteville woman was charged Wednesday in a hit-and-run crash that seriously injured one person early Sunday, police said.

Brett Elizabeth Glancy, 28, of 875 Southview Circle, was charged with felony hit-and-run.

Bishop Smith, 18, and a friend were walking along Andrews Road towards Ramsey Street at about 4 a.m. Sunday when a vehicle hit Smith near Stoneridge Road and didn't stop, police said.

Smith was in stable condition Thursday at UNC Hospitals in Chapel Hill.

A Crime Stoppers tip led investigators to charge Glancy, police said.


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  • A cold, hard dose of Hans Aug 7, 2014

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    Best thing to do is continue on to a safe spot, then call the authorities. Plenty of cases where the driver stopped and got beaten or worse by a mob.

  • Pepe Silvia Aug 7, 2014

    How can you hit another human (or even an animal) and just keep going?

    I don't understand how anyone can be so heartless...

  • bfortyme Aug 7, 2014

    Hit-and-run. Do not pass Go, do not collect $200, go straight to Jail (Monopoly lingo). There must be a fast track system for situations like this. You and I know by the time this case is prosecuted Brett Elizabeth Glancy will have aged 5 years.

  • Jerry Sawyer Aug 7, 2014
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    If she had stopped, she would not have been charged with anything. The kids must have been out in the roadway. Really stupid idea.

  • Bernadette Dan Unger Aug 7, 2014
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    Some of these comments are exactly why there is still racism problems...ya just can't let it go. At any rate the real story here is hit and run. I figure 20 years with no parole should just about do it for her. Don't care what excuses she may have, what type of person she is, how many kids she has, just Godsmack her with 20 years. If these people were all prosecuted the same when caught, just maybe drivers would think twice about doing it. Oh yeah, don't try the comment that she may not have felt it because of the size car she was driving, that can't be sold to a 10 year old.

  • disgusted2010 Aug 7, 2014

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    If racism ended just think about how many people would be put of a job. Those who make a living playing the race card and injecting a racial angle into everything. And the most impressive thing about them is that they are making their living from the very people they call racists.

  • disgusted2010 Aug 7, 2014

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    Does everything have to be about race?

  • Beth Spears Aug 7, 2014
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    That is why racism will never stop.

  • farm Aug 7, 2014

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    Oh the irony. Guilty racist barks first.

  • sinenomine Aug 7, 2014

    SUPPORT18, I don't care if she's white or black or if she has green scales and is from Mars - if she in fact left another human possibly to die on the side of the road after hitting them she is despicable and it is a big thing, your racially tinged rant notwithstanding.