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Woman charged in fatal baseball bat attack

Posted April 8, 2010

— Franklin County deputies are investigating a baseball bat attack last week that led to a Louisburg man's death, authorities said Thursday.

Alfredo Ortega, 53, was beaten on the head with a bat on April 1 and died of his injuries on Monday, Franklin County Sheriff Pat Green said.

Ruby Smith, 73, is charged with assault with a deadly weapon in the incident. Investigators turned their findings over to Franklin County prosecutors, who plan to present evidence in the case to a grand jury next month to determine whether other charges are warranted, Green said.

Ortega lived with Smith's daughter, who has a medical condition that has left her unable to speak, Green said. Smith routinely visited the house to care for her daughter and often became involved in altercations with Ortega, the sheriff said.

Green said it's unclear whether Smith hit Ortega in self-defense or initiated the attack.


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  • Jeremiah Apr 8, 2010

    "Are you kidding me, a license for a baseball bat? Are the big government control freak Liberals going to take baseball bats away from us too now?"

    apparently you're not familiar with saccasm.

  • whatsupwiththat Apr 8, 2010

    I feel like the rest of the story will show he had it coming...

  • DeathRow-IFeelYourPain-NOT Apr 8, 2010

    Git 'eem Granny!

  • whatdidyouexpect Apr 8, 2010

    Improperly stored baseball bats are a leading cause of accidental deaths. In the old days, you could just leave them propped up at the back door and teach your kids how to properly use them, and the knew never to touch it without you. Some people claim there are sporting uses for bats, but we all know they are deadly weapons. After all, you are more likely to get killed by your own bat than use it for self defense. Having at bat in the home also increases suicide rates. These baseball bats should be registered with the Federal and Local Governments, be locked up at baseball fields, and only taken out by a qualified umpire. It is hard to believe that anyone can walk into a store and purchase one, even without a ball and glove. If only we had more laws, this man would still be alive......

  • iron fist Apr 8, 2010

    In-laws=out-laws before anyone jumps on this I know they were not married. Just saying

  • fishon Apr 8, 2010

    Or was she just murdered him because it was on her "bucket list".
    Not enough details to know the reasons why...

  • tarheelblue919 Apr 8, 2010

    as sad as it is, i'm nosey and curious as to why she did that....could it be that he was mistreating her daughter b/c of her medical problems?

  • NCStatePack Apr 8, 2010

    I hope she gets what's coming to her for taking another man's life

  • fishon Apr 8, 2010

    Are you kidding me, a license for a baseball bat? Are the big government control freak Liberals going to take baseball bats away from us too now?

    No just having some fun. The guy is just as dead as if he was killed with an OMG... gun.

  • thefensk Apr 8, 2010

    "Why isn't there some kind of licensing requirement to own a baseball bat?"

    I've heard that with the use of baseball bats, there is some association with diamonds.

    Well, no need to kill the guy. A whack across the shins will do wonders.