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Woman charged after baby found near trash pile

Posted April 3, 2009

— The Union County Sheriff's Office charged a 22-year-old Monroe woman on Friday with murder in the death of her baby, who was found near a pile of burned trash in February.

Erica Denise Kelly, of 1902 Walkup Ave., also faces a charge of concealing the birth of a child. She was placed in the Union county Jail without bond. Her arrest came a little more than a month after a family member returning to their mobile home discovered the baby girl Feb. 26.

"This death absolutely did not have to occur, given the 'safe surrender' statutes on the books," Sheriff Eddie Cathey said in a statement. "Anytime a child is a victim of a heinous crime like this, it makes you that much more determined to solve the crime."

The Union County medical examiner has said the baby was born alive after a full-term pregnancy. Investigators believe that Kelly abandoned the baby before its death.

Investigators linked Kelly to the baby through DNA evidence. The sheriff said they did extensive DNA testing, interviewed numerous witnesses and held information checkpoints.

"We had to wait on the science, which can be frustrating at times," Cathey said. "Unlike 'CSI' and the other forensic-science fantasy shows, DNA casework takes time, given the number of subjects that we had to process."

Cathey would not comment on further details of the case or if further arrests were expected.

Kelly's first court appearance was set for May 6.


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  • TheLibertine Apr 10, 2009

    We allow doctors to suck viable fetuses into sinks every day in this country, but this girl has committed a heinous crime?!? We've got some serious cognitive dissonance going on in this country. Alas, like Rome, our decline will be swift.

  • nufsaid Apr 10, 2009

    " Please don't make any further comments on this story or any others like it. You are making me sick.

    Grab an airsick bag and go for it. Hypocrisy bothers me.

  • haditup2here Apr 10, 2009

    NuffSaid: You've definately said more than "enuff." Please don't make any further comments on this story or any others like it. You are making me sick.

  • K9Tucker.LoveMYcop Apr 10, 2009

    All she had to do was turn the baby over to a police/fire department and just walk away. Better yet she could have used protection....hope she rots in prison. NO excuse.

  • ccacrabbitdog Apr 10, 2009

    two words......death penalty!!!!!!!!!!

  • didisaythat Apr 10, 2009

    It amazes me that a Pro Life wacko would see this as a good opportunity to show why Abortion is bad....This is not the same. Your agenda has no place here. I am fisically conservative and vote Republican often, but choice is my understanding of conservatism. Abortion is a viable option in some cases and should be used. this scenario is Murder and nothing else.

  • donnied1952 Apr 10, 2009

    there should be a very special place down under for people that harm children and old people. takes a real piece of slime to hurt someone that can't defend themselves. put her in prison for murder one, no possibility of parole, she deserves the worst punishment she can receive

  • boomylar Apr 10, 2009

    The timing is the only difference. Do some research on partial birth abortions.
    nufsaid..... partial birth abortions are just as bad. you're actlly giving birth when the doctor KILLS the baby. I am all for pro choice, but there's a difference between that baby being born (which still falls under the partial birth abortions hint to the birth part of the pharse) and when that baby doesn't even have a heart beat yet

  • boomylar Apr 10, 2009

    and i will say it again...she KILLED that baby

  • boomylar Apr 10, 2009

    What about about her right to choose? She may have missed a deadline, but the results are the same. Give her a break.
    nufsaid....i serouly hope that you are joking. she had her chance. she could have given that baby up for adoption, she could have given that child to the safe surrender ppl. some thing other than killing it