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Woman accused of using bogus checks in Target spending spree

Posted October 23, 2012

— A La Grange woman is accused of using counterfeit checks to spend more than $2,000 at Target stores, Goldsboro police said Tuesday.

Tonya Lynn Smith, 37, of the 500 block of Fire Tower Road, is charged with seven counts of obtaining property by false pretense. She was being held in the Wayne County jail under a $25,000 secured bond and scheduled for a court appearance Tuesday.

Goldsboro police said they were contacted by Target’s loss prevention unit about Smith, who was detained Monday at the store at 1204 Sunburst Drive. A Target employee told officers Smith passed several counterfeit checks there since August, buying more than $2,000 in merchandise and gift cards.

Target Loss Prevention said Smith has passed counterfeit checks at other Target stores in North Carolina and Virginia.


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  • Roland K. Oct 23, 2012

    MPS: I dunno, I guess I have a low tolerance for comments that cast aspersions on American women. And in this political climate of Todd Akins, republican-led attacks on women's rights and planned parenthood, and sundry other examples of paternalistic men in power, I'm ultra-sensitive. In short, grow up.

  • Squirreling Dervish Oct 23, 2012

    I am not "good" at spending someone else's money...I am GREAT at it!

  • MPS Oct 23, 2012

    "chrisnali: you must be from the republican school of thought when it concerns women because your comment reeks of antique paternalism." -RockGuitar

    I like how you try to turn a random comment about women by a seemingly unaffiliated commenter into an attack on Republicans. When you can't run on your own record all you can do is attack... It really speaks volumes about yourself.

  • editor nc Oct 23, 2012

    just $2000? how much did the AIG execs steaal from us with their Bonuses?

  • rationality Oct 23, 2012

    Criminals: making the cost of goods rise for those who follow the law. Thanks for your selfish greed.

  • Roland K. Oct 23, 2012

    chrisnali: you must be from the republican school of thought when it concerns women because your comment reeks of antique paternalism.

  • chrisnrali Oct 23, 2012

    I'm sure there's been allot more than just this one woman who's passed a few bad checks in target. Just not this dollar amount at once. Women, real good at spending someone else's money.

  • nonemeant Oct 23, 2012

    Crime 101, stop while you are ahead.

  • harinootsak Oct 23, 2012

    In many instances, once the initial fraud is committed financial institutions tell branch tellers and businesses to let the fraud continue for a few more times to both look at trends and other possible parties involved as well as have needed evidence for law enforcement charges.

  • harmstrong4 Oct 23, 2012

    must have had some pretty good fake ID...oh thats right cannot ask for IDs anymore...might hurt someones feelings..