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Woman, 20, charged in fatal DWI wreck in Raleigh

Posted December 18, 2011
Updated December 19, 2011

— A woman, who was a day away from turning 21, faces impaired-driving charges after a wreck that killed a man in north Raleigh early Sunday.

Police said that Elizabeth Lorene Stevens, 20, was driving a 2004 Jeep SUV south on Lead Mine Road when she collided with a 2008 Hyundai sedan traveling east on Lynn Road around 1 a.m. The vehicles crashed at the intersection of the roads.

The driver of the Hyundai, 32-year-old Dewahn Ahmad Tyler, was taken to WakeMed, where he died of his injuries, police said.

Stevens was treated for non-life-threatening injuries at WakeMed, then taken to the Wake County jail. Records show that she consented to a blood alcohol test and told authorities she had one mixed drink.

Car in fatal wreck Raleigh woman faces DWI charges in fatal wreck

She was charged with driving while impaired and underage driving while impaired.

Her stepfather said the family feels terrible about what happened and that Stevens herself is devastated.

Police said they want to talk to any witnesses to the wreck. Anyone who might have seen the crash is asked to call wreck investigators at 919-834-4357.


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  • pirate09 Dec 28, 2011

    That being the case, since she's been charged with both, I'd assume she had at least a 0.08 BAC, since she has to have a 0.08 BAC to be charged with DWI. -erinaaronsbaby

    Sorry but you are wrong, if you are under the age of 21 and consume any amount of alcohol and drive you will not only be charged with underage possesion you will also be charged with DUI, I know this because my fiance had this happen 4 years ago when he was only 19. If they did a blood test which is what the story states it will be some time before we hear what the results were, she may have only had 1 drink and to be honest it may not have been the alcohol that is the reason why the wreck happend, considering it was 1am, maybe she was tired, she wasnt paying attention, didnt see the light, everyone is jumping to conclusions, not only did one innocent man lose his life but hers is destroyed as well. Know the facts before you start making judgements in this case, unless you were in the car and with her all night, you

  • staciarose20 Dec 23, 2011

    This girl makes me sick. She has obviously been drinking and driving before! She's had past DUI's and speeding violations. She is on the road to not only alcoholism, but killing more people. NC doesn't seem to care about drinking and driving based on past rulings.

  • marshalovesavengedsevenfold Dec 23, 2011

    She was stupid and she wasn't far of turning 21. Sorry for using the word (stupid).

  • elenahawkins Dec 21, 2011

    This is a very tragic accident and this family is suffering a major loss.

    To everyone that has posted some are right on target! I have taken the time to read each post and you all make great points. I'm a close friend to Dewahn's father and Step-Mother and brother in Maryland. The loss that this family feels is unspeakable.

    I will say this to Ms. Stevens what you have done is take a life. The life you have take can not be brought back, I hope that you understand that a night of drinking has caused pain, grief, hurt that will never go away.

    This will FOREVER be with this family.

    I now need to ask you, have you taken the time to speak with his mother, the mother of his children, his children, his father, his sister, his brother?????

    To apologize for what you have done....

    Not that your apology will bring him back.

    Do you feel any remorse????

    Your statements that you put out in the press mean little to nothing.

    I will ask the same questions of your parents...

    From one Mo

  • nralgreen Dec 19, 2011

    Most of us know that intersection well. Traveling south on Leadmine approaching the Lynn Road intersection it's difficult not to see that light. The light stares directly at you as you approach on Leadmine. Hard to believe anyone (drunk or sober) would run a red light coming up that hill. Let's wait and allow the detectives to finish the investigation before assuming guilt.

  • YeahISaidIt Dec 19, 2011

    I am sure she will get a slap on the wrist. Its a shame. Drinking and driving is not cool at all.

  • anonemoose Dec 19, 2011

    Didn't take long for this one to get off the top of the page. I bet if it had been a PoPo getting caught pinching a pack of gum it would be there for a week.

  • hiswifey15 Dec 19, 2011

    Dewahn was my aunt fiance, the needs to be charge with murdeur. She took another man life innocent nice man that left kids behind. She was drinking and driving, no excuses.

  • aceofspades0369 Dec 19, 2011

    The video says that she was released on a WRITTEN PROMISE to appear. She kills another human being and she gets NO BOND for FELONY DWI???? Are you kidding me???

  • kermit60 Dec 19, 2011

    I hope she gets the maximum punishment. As a society we need to stop tolerating this and the senseless deaths it causes. She feels bad because it might interupt her life. Not so bad when you consider the other guy is dead. Send her to prison for a few years.