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Woman, 19, stabbed to death in Durham

Posted July 22, 2009

— A 19-year-old woman died Wednesday morning after being stabbed in the neck during a fight, according to Durham police.

Officers found Jessica Darnell George lying in the front yard of 907 Rome Ave. She was taken to Duke University Hospital where she was pronounced dead a short time later.

Investigators said George was stabbed during a fight involving three women. No charges were filed, and the investigation was ongoing.

Anyone with information is asked to call Investigator C.A. Robinson at 919-560-4440 ext. 29335, or Crime Stoppers at 919-683-1200.

Crime Stoppers pays cash rewards for information leading to arrests in felony cases and callers do not have to identify themselves.


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  • DeathRow-IFeelYourPain-NOT Jul 23, 2009

    Professor: "A young life ended by a senseless act. And the person that killed had her had no reguard for life it self. Parents really teach you sons so they will not grow up to be killers."

    Did it ever occur to you that this was simply self-defense? Possibly that the deceased girl was actually the perp? It said No Charges have been filed and the investigation is ongoing. They probably know exactly who killed her. They just need to determine if there are grounds for murder charges.

    And concerning how I teach my children.... Yes, I would tell my child to kill if its self-defense. Leave no doubt. Take the Perp out.

  • crustyhalo Jul 23, 2009

    I can tell that the people writing here...... are all from Durham.

  • houndsforme Jul 23, 2009

    Darwin's theory at work.

  • 68_polara Jul 23, 2009

    No new information and no arrests. Guess no snitch rule is in full effect. Sad.

  • Spooner Jul 22, 2009

    ok so wheres the pics of the victim and the perps? I am guessing its a three on one situation and we all know how that works in Durham.

  • LOC Jul 22, 2009


  • Professor Jul 22, 2009

    HOPE it wasnt over a boy. Sessy is a printer smacker

    It as a stupid senseless act on whoever took this girl's life.

  • Professor Jul 22, 2009

    Maybe one day before its too late, these desperate ladies will wake up and listened.

  • panthers254 Jul 22, 2009

    HOPE it wasnt over a boy.
    Sessy is a printer smacker

    yeah, theres alot better reasons for killing someone.
    (shaking head)

  • vsusu2002 Jul 22, 2009

    Regardless of what the fight was over, a young woman lost her life violently. Hopefully, the killer(s) will be bought to justice.