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Witnesses watch as Raleigh police tussle with man on New Bern Ave.

Posted June 26, 2014

— A search for a man who walked away from an evaluation at WakeMed ended Thursday afternoon after a witness spotted him walking along New Bern Avenue with no pants on and called 911.

Someone had given the man a pair of pants to wear by the time Raleigh police caught up to him at the intersection of New Bern Avenue and King Charles Road, but the man wanted nothing to do with the officers.

They tussled, and the man ended up on the ground before being taken into custody and sent back to the hospital to complete the evaluation. He was listed in fair condition.

The commotion drew witnesses who watched the man being taken away. WRAL News has withheld his name because he was not charged.

“He was like, ‘You all going to help me?’ But I was scared,” Gloria Ford said.

“The lady was coming across the street bringing him the clothes, and he was like, ‘Call Obama, they're trying to kill me. They're doing experiments on my body,’” Leatrice Lynch said.

Asia Taylor said police “had him by his hair, they were slamming his head on the ground.”


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  • wayneboyd Jun 27, 2014

    I agree Bill the Kid, The man needed help he was obviously a danger to himself and to others. He was taken back to the medical facility, to be treated (most likely at no cost to himself) and out of a few who were on the same stage with him while he played his part this morning just want a share in the spotlight. I stand to be proven wrong, but I saw no headslamming, of course the video didn't show all of the scuffle either. There is no way one can be forcefully taken down without their head coming into contact with the earth.

  • Chip Dipson Jun 27, 2014
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    Hospitals aren't supposed to allow psych patients leave prior to evaluation. The risk of allowing an unstable and possibly dangerous person out is too great.

  • icdumbpeople Jun 27, 2014

    ‘Call Obama, they're trying to kill me. They're doing experiments on my body,’” Leatrice Lynch said.

    Really? Yes.. that would be a mentally insane thing to say...

  • Billy the Kid Jun 27, 2014

    The police should have let the witnesses handle him. Do you as a society want mental healthcare or not? Because this is part of it. Unbelievable.

  • Arthur Raleigh Jun 27, 2014
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    Mental illness is sad.

  • landonsgrampa Jun 27, 2014

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    All that hate is going to burn you up boy. Learn, grow and grow up, before you are left behind.

  • disgusted2010 Jun 27, 2014

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    You can bet that the anti law enforcement people at WRAL would have shown the whole video if it actually showed something wrong. They can't let facts get in the way of their, and your, agenda.

  • disgusted2010 Jun 27, 2014

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    For what? Doing their jobs. It is liberals like you that are to blame for this entire episode. If the liberals had not clamored to close the mental hospitals and put the dangerously mentally ill on the street things like this would either not happen or would happen less.

  • disgusted2010 Jun 27, 2014

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    You don't expect the anti law enforcement WRAL reporters to do anything but push their agenda. They will not let the truth or facts get in their way while pursuing their anti law enforcement rhetoric.

  • 426X3 Jun 27, 2014

    Got to love all these witnesses. I'll bet none of them were willing to assist the police but if any of them had a cell phone camera, I am sure the footage made it to all the social media outlets.