With storms over, get ready for sizzling temperatures

Posted July 25, 2014

— Strong thunderstorms that pummeled central North Carolina on Thursday evening have cleared out, and a new weather pattern is setting up for a sizzling hot weekend.

“It’s all out of here now. All those thunderstorms have moved off to the coast and died down,” WRAL meteorologist Elizabeth Gardner said Friday. “We’re not going to have to worry about that today.”

Instead, residents will need to worry about keeping cool and slathering on the sunscreen.

Saturday’s high is expected to reach 93, and temperatures will soar to 97 degrees on Sunday. The highs won’t break records of 101 degrees for Saturday and 104 for Sunday, but they will be close enough.

“Our temperatures are going to climb big time for the weekend,” Gardner said.

But the extreme heat should die down by Tuesday, when the high will hit the mid-80s and stay there for several days.

“Some major ups and downs in our seven-day forecast, which is something we see pretty often in the spring, fall and winter, but not as often in the summer,” Gardner said. “However, we have seen a whole lot of that this summer.”

Friday’s high will be 86 degrees, and there is a chance of showers near the South Carolina border. Parts of the region also could get isolated storms late Sunday.

Storms on Thursday evening knocked out power to about 3,000 people in Wake County and triggered several flash flood warnings in the Triangle.


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  • Fanny Chmelar Jul 25, 2014
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    Many, many, many few. Most research is discredited as having incomplete hypotheses or poorly collected data.

  • notexactly Jul 25, 2014

    love the heat!! Hey no 100 degree days yet. August may be a bear.. Love the summer.

  • Hammerhead Jul 25, 2014

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    Exactly!! I go outside whether its 30 degrees or 95.

  • Walkin Man Jul 25, 2014

    Com'on guys, it's summer, don't be so dramatic.

  • Tim Kelly Jul 25, 2014
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    "Many scientists are now talking about global cooling." Really? "Many," eh? Because even though it has been cooler in this part of the United States (thank god), GLOBALLY (you know, the whole globe) it has been one of the warmest years on record. You may want to look past North Carolina, the East Coast and the United States before making "global statements."

  • Hammerhead Jul 25, 2014

    Sizzling temps for only 3 days. No biggie. The gardens will be very happy.
    Am I the only person who thinks these weather-whatevers hate rain?

  • Maurice Pentico Jr. Jul 25, 2014
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    Atypical summer for the US.... over 28,500 LOW temperature records set over the past year. Many scientists are now talking about global cooling. But hey, why debate.... just enjoy the weather, because its not like you can do anything about it.