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With no parents at bus stop, Raleigh police take custody of kindergartner

Posted August 23, 2016

— Police had custody of a Wake County student Tuesday night after the child’s bus driver found no parents to meet the child at his bus stop.

A bus driver was dropping off a kindergartner from Durant Road Elementary School at about 3 p.m. but could not find the boy’s parents at the stop.

Wake County Public School System spokeswoman Lisa Luten said that a bus driver cannot leave a child unattended if a parent is not there to meet them at the bus stop. After calling their supervisor, a driver can either take the child back to school or to the bus office.

Both the driver and the young boy ended up at the district’s bus garage. They remained there until about 7:30 p.m., when Raleigh police took custody of the boy.

Officers were still trying to contact the parents of the kindergartner Tuesday night.

Authorities said they know the identity of the child and have dropped by the family's home, but have still been unable to find family members.

Authorities said Child Protective Services could ultimately get involved in the case.


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  • John White Aug 24, 2016
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    Wow! She does not even speak English either. I wonder why? If you move to a country should you not learn the language of the country you are living in??? Where is the father??? What is wrong with all these people that seem to have children but then there is no father around??? I guess the man is only around for the fun stuff and then does not want anything else to do with the results of the fun. A 1 year old and mom is out for 6 hours??? Just who feeds these poor children? The 8 year old? Way too much responsibility.

  • Jim Dunn Aug 24, 2016
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    There was an inicident a couple years ago where a Wake bus driver left an elementary student off at the wrong stop with no parents waiting, Cops got involved and the driver was charged (later dropped). Since then Wake elementary bus drivers are required to make sure there is parent of family to receive the child.

    Amazing what a law suit against the Wake BOE does to policy.

  • Rod Runner Aug 24, 2016
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    Cross busy highways? There aren't supposed to be any bus stops on actual highways. In fact, the opposite side of the road doesn't have to stop for a stopped school bus if there is a median or there is a middle left turn lane on a 5 lane wide road.

    If there are bus stops where kids are crossing roads like this, that is not legal. When I was of school age and got off the bus and crossed a street with a median I was called to the principal's office the next day and told to never do that again.

    This is leading me to a discussion about people stopping on the opposite side of the road from the bush when they are not supposed to, which is a big pet peeve of mine. Wasting everyone's time.

  • John Johnson Aug 24, 2016
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    Good For Them.. Child Safety Comes First.. School Days Used to Be Longer !? Making it Safer For Children, Time Wise!!

  • Colin Burch III Aug 24, 2016
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    Below is from WCPS website regarding bus stops, IMHO stop could be too far for kindergartner depending on the local environment - traffic, streets to cross, etc.

    "Bus stops are established at safe locations. The recommended walking distances are three tenths of a mile for elementary students, and half a mile for middle and high students. Express bus stops will exceed these recommended distances. Stops are usually placed on corners and are placed no closer than two tenths of a mile apart unless safety hazards exist. Buses are routed on state-maintained roads only and are generally prohibited from traveling into cul-de-sacs. "

  • Crystal Czeck Aug 24, 2016
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    Thanks to that Bus Driver, that child was saved from potentially sitting at home all night by themselves. Who knows what could have happened. Poor thing. It's a shame that someone else has to ensure the welfare and safety of another's child.

  • Diane Dowdee Aug 24, 2016
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    Kenneth Jones, When you get your backside up in that seat I sit in 185 days a year and bond with those children then you have the right to shoot your mouth off as to"well if they are old enough to go to school then they are old enough to get off the bus by themselves" You don't see what we see as bus drivers. These children have to cross busy highways ( sometimes this cannot be helped), walk down long streets out of our sight view ( if I can see a parent, I'll let them go), If there are dogs around those children are not getting off if one of them tells me that the dog scares them. So until you know what the heck you are talking about then keep your trap shut or get off your backside, take the training and drive a bus ( I'm sure Wake,Durham, Orange,Johnston, Alamance, can use another driver).

  • Forest Hazel Aug 24, 2016
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    When I was little, we lived in a very rural area. The bus dropped us off in front of our house, and our mother met us at the door. It was a very different world back then, and I don't think there was as much mean-ness as there is today. Now, I could understand, maybe, th child being let off without a parent to meet them, but from what the story says, there would not have been anyone at home when the child got there, and no one had enquired about the child by that evening. That seems pretty strange to me. Someone should have been responsible for the child, and it appears that they were not. This could have ended very badly, and the driver did well by not just letting a little child go off by themselves with no responsible adult around.

  • Danita Freeman Aug 24, 2016
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    I believe bus drivers are required to make sure kindergarten children are picked up. There really isn't any excuse for a child to be left at the bus stop by their parents. I understand emergencies but that is why back up plans are in place.

  • Kenneth Jones Aug 23, 2016
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    If someone is always at the stop for that child then I send a great big THANK YOU to the bus driver for doing this. But parents should not be required to be at bus stops. If the kid is old enough for school, the kid is old enough to walk on his or her on the few steps to their house.