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Wind Takes Out Noted Garner Tree

Posted May 7, 2007

— A tree that local residents consider the oldest oak in town came crashing down over the weekend in high winds.

The tree was located on Fayetteville Road, just south of the U.S. Highway 401-U.S. Highway 70 split.

Part of the tree was lost two weeks ago during severe weather, and Sunday's gusting winds took out most of the rest. Arborists said the tree was dead and needed to come down anyway.

According to local lore, a Civil War general once napped under the tree.


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  • m0nky May 8, 2007

    Spiritwarriorwoman: "Maybe you need to talk to a certified arborist, like...uhmmm, my brother perhaps."

    I don't need a certified arborist to tell me what every kid learns in highschool biology. The root's main purposes are storing food, anchoring the plant and gathering water. Now if you look at that picture you'll see that the tree is still anchored firmly into the ground AND the area surrounding the tree is mulched and landscaped indicating the roots were in good condition and more than likely recieved plenty of water (irrigation system perhaps?). Regardless, the tree broke off at the trunk so I'm gonna take a stab and say that was where the weak point was. So the tree probably just got old and started hollowing and couldn't withstand some of the winds hitting it. But then again, I'm no certified arborist...

  • twright530 May 7, 2007

    Some liberals shold have felt that the tree was in distress and formed a doobie line around it and sang Joan Baez anti-war songs and meditated on hate Nixon slogans.

  • the alliance May 7, 2007

    Local lore haha.....I can tell you about some history of the early Pasadena, california days, back when Gen Patton was schooling.

  • terrible terrier May 7, 2007

    As I think about it, it had to be a Confederate General...had to rest after Sherman chased him across three states.

  • terrible terrier May 7, 2007

    But, did anyone hear it fall? If not, was there really a sound?

    And, was the General Union or Confederate?

  • pikemom1 May 7, 2007

    The Certified Arborist examination has 200 questions.
    I think I can do that,since I own my own Landscaping Co.
    I can climb a mean tree too.

  • spiritwarriorwoman May 7, 2007

    m0nky - "The blacktop suffocated its roots."
    I really can't even respond to that...

    Maybe you need to talk to a certified arborist, like...uhmmm, my brother perhaps.

    God bless ya'all.

    Rev. RB

  • Yelena May 7, 2007

    Global warming? The blacktop? WHat ever happened to plain old dying due to old age? It's sad, but nothing lives forever.

  • retired state trooper May 7, 2007

    bryan-at-cleanmachinesdetailing.com ... You win the comment of the day on this one.

    If I might just add ... OH NO!! Now there will be a traffic jam tonight at Fayetteville Road, just south of the U.S. Highway 401-U.S. Highway 70 split.

  • pikemom1 May 7, 2007

    The Rev.cough cough did it!!!