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Wilson man dies while mowing lawn

Posted March 14, 2012
Updated March 15, 2012

— A Wilson man died Wednesday after a lawnmower ran over him, the Nash County Sheriff's Office said. 

Elmer Webb Jr., 69, of Hornes Church Road, was mowing a lawn on Haywood Drive when he ran off of an embankment and into a reservoir, authorities said. The lawnmower rolled on top of him. 

No other information was available. 


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  • Legally Here Mar 16, 2012

    very sad

  • luvinlife Mar 16, 2012

    unemployed preacher gene - you should be ashamed of yourself! Portraying yourself as a preacher (per your screen name), but your comments are not reflective of someone who is spreading the love/word of God. This man was WORKING at 69 yrs old!

    My condolences are with this family and I hope that he is doing what he loves, in greener pastures, in heaven!

  • MamaDummy Mar 15, 2012

    Greg & Uni, this man was a father, a grandfather, and a husband. There are people in his family who love him unconditionally, and they are very, very sad right now. You are disgraceful and cold hearted. I am a part of his family and only come to the website, hoping to get updated information as to the facts of the accident. Maybe I am nieve, or just plain stupid, but I dont understand cold-hearted people.

  • ncmedic201 Mar 15, 2012

    Greg and Uni, what story are you reading???

  • sharlie9486 Mar 15, 2012

    Greg and Uni:
    How is this "obviously" a case of someone mowing while hammered?? I don't recall reading that in the article. The man owned a landscaping company...

  • Ambygirl Mar 15, 2012

    Greg and Uni you are out of line with that comment!! How dare you even suggest something like that!! This man, at 70 was still having to working for a living!! YOU ARE HEARTLESS AND CRUEL and a true j*RK!

  • saywhaaaaat Mar 15, 2012

    WOW....this is just crazy...Praying for the family to find peace and comfort.

  • Ambygirl Mar 15, 2012

    livinon I commend you!! We all make mistakes and I certainly respect anyone that admits it. Have a great weekend!

    Condolences to this family for their loss.

  • toofarout Mar 15, 2012

    wow dwade...unemployment, gas prices, wars, killings...they are news. you must not have much to do today. And by the way, this is the FIRST time i've ever commented about what wral post.

  • livinon Mar 15, 2012

    My apologies. I saw the part about the lawn mower running over him, which I took as him falling and the mower continuing to run. However, I missed the part where it very clearly states that it rolled on top of him. Two very different things, (running over vs. rolling on top of) but the part about running off the embankment should have tipped me off! I get an F on reading comprehension today.