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Wilson community seeks answers in 7-year-old boy's shooting death

Posted July 27, 2014

— A crowd of more than 100 people stood across the steps and sidewalk of the Wilson County Courthouse Sunday night for a candle-light vigil to remember a 7-year-old boy killed by gunfire Wednesday night.

Kamari Jones died after someone started shooting outside the boy's home on Parkview Street sometime after 10 p.m. He was inside when a bullet flew through a bedroom window, striking the boy in the head, according to neighbors.

Among those present Sunday night was Jones' mother, who said the past few days have been difficult. She felt like his memory was honored Sunday night.

"His presence is here. The Lord has his spirit, but he's still here with everybody," Masheka Carter said. "I have my days when I'm sad, but then, I look to the Lord, and I'm OK.

Carter said she is hopeful the vigil will help bring about the one thing she's been longing for since her son's death – justice.

"We need to be here," Wilson Mayor Bruce Rose said at the vigil Sunday night. "This is a sad time in our community, and all of our hearts are broken."

Neighbors reported a man between two duplexes firing shots across the street, hitting at least two cars.

Authorities haven't commented on details of their investigation or a possible motive for the shooting, but Police Chief Thomas Hopkins, who was also at Sunday's vigil, said the police department has been calls from law enforcement agencies across the state offering to help.

"All of our investigators and officers are working on this case," Hopkins said. "Somebody knows what happened."

Anyone with information about the shooting is asked to call Crime Stoppers at 252-243-2255 or 252-399-2323.


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  • I-Defy Jul 28, 2014

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    another part of this wondeful culture is that if you tell, you die. That needs to change too, but the no snitching rule is commone across all crminial demographics

  • 678devilish Jul 28, 2014

    Someone knows exactly who did the shooting. So just wondering why they will not talk to the cops. I do hope they find the killer who took this young boy's life. My condolences to his family and friends.

  • T-ONE Jul 28, 2014

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    What about the wanted children raised in a stable environment, let's say for instance the two kids who shot the high school (Columbine) [sic] they had everything and I believe were 2nd Amendments advocates... Are these the kids you are referring to?

  • A person Jul 28, 2014

    [quote=13845289]Post by irishale[/quote
    Why would I listen to rap music, it is considered garbage music where I live

  • disgusted2010 Jul 28, 2014

    The same people who want to ban guns are the ones responsible for the violence we are experiencing daily. These are the same people who demand that entitlements flow unabated which "rewards" having children out of wedlock just to receive more assistance. Not all, but many, of these children are not wanted and are not raised to be responsible citizens. These children crave attention and the thieves and violent drug gangs are glad to step in and "raise" these unwanted children in their "culture." They know that until a child reaches 16 or 18 nothing will happen to them for selling drugs, breaking into houses, stealing, etc. The same people who want to ban guns then step in and demand that the children be put on probation, put into "programs" and not kept in jail because it is racist, sexist or some other "ist," as these people cannot bare to hold people accountable for their actions, it has to be some-thing, one, group, decision, choice, etc. to blame. WAKE UP AMERICA.

  • T-ONE Jul 28, 2014

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    If anyone is in denial it's you...because you don't see it on TV or in the Newspapers doesn't mean it's not happening. You get what you are trolling for...for every black on black crime you talk about I can point out a white on white crime...which is matter of fact white' s killing multiple people (mostly children, spouse or entire family) I haven't even mention mass shootings. so you go ahead and keep dealing from the bottom of the deck.

  • I-Defy Jul 28, 2014

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    Im not arguing with you on your point. I see what you are saying, but youre in denial. You need to accept that this kind of crime is pretty much a daily occurance in bad neighborhoods which are predominatley black. As soon as white folks start shooting each other EVERY DAY in their neigborhoods then your post would have a better foundation. As of now you're just playing your worn cards

  • T-ONE Jul 28, 2014

    Yeah African American are the only ones killing their children...like the ones killed in Newtown or better yet like the two adults and three kids killed in Houston...I can go on and on...some feel justified by only stating African Americans. You shouldn't throw rocks if you live in a glass house. sure if the African American stop killing one another there will be no more violence in America...problem solved!

  • landonsgrampa Jul 28, 2014

    Here is your answer Wilson community. Raise your children to be respectful of others. Teach them so they understand love, compassion and honesty. Educate them of the dangers of the streets. Take them to church. Have dinner as a family. Embrace life.

    Instead, what a vast majority of you folks do, is to be so much into your own world, that your kids turn to anyone who will pay attention to them. They are being raised by the gangs. They learn violence and hatred. They learn to steal, cheat and murder, by the gangs. Then when someone who is completely innocent gets hurt, you beg for understanding of how it got this way. You let it get this way. You are to blame.

  • 68_dodge_polara Jul 28, 2014

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    I see organizations and individuals making a difference in Durham but it's not the NAACP. Take the Durham rescue mission for instance they do so much for us but never involve them selves in politics.