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Wife Dies of Injuries From New Year's 'Voodoo' Shooting

Posted April 1, 2008

— A 84-year-old woman has died months after her husband allegedly shot her because, he told police, she was practicing voodoo on him.

Nezzie Carter-Moore, of Durham, died Friday from injuries sustained when, police charged, her husband shot her in the chest and face with a .38-caliber handgun at their Normandy Street home on New Year's Eve.

Durham County prosecutors were considering upgrading charges against Warren Haywood Moore, 85, of Durham.

Moore said he shot Carter-Moore because she was practicing voodoo and had cast a spell on him.

At the time of the shooting, police charged him with assault with a deadly weapon with intent to kill inflicting serious injury.


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  • whocares Apr 1, 2008

    Where was their family? They should have made sure that there were no guns in the house just because of this type of behavior. Sometimes elderly people cannot distinguish between real life and fantisy and then you get violent behavior because the person thinks that things are going on when in fact there is nothing going on,

  • colliedave Apr 1, 2008

    That "old black magic" made him do the crime? Sounds like Flip Wilson's claim of "the debil made me do it".

  • jaredg Apr 1, 2008

    Hey Rev RB...I would like to know what church you preach at. I haven't been to church in years but I would go to hear one of your sermons. Its refreshing to find a minister who lives in the present and understands that there are many religions and faiths with out putting them down. You are a wonderful role model for all ministers. Bless you sir!!

    p.s. I was raised as one of Jehovah's Witnesses but am no loner a believer.

  • SailbadTheSinner Apr 1, 2008

    A lot of people believe a lot of things. Things that may or may not be true.

    A lot of people think a lot of things. Again, they may or may not be true.

    Frankly, I don’t care what this old man thought, or believed. Or his wife, either.

    I don’t care that he may have Alzheimer’s or other mental problems.

    What I do care about is that he apparently assaulted and murdered this lady.

    In my humble opinion, that makes him a dangerous person that should be placed where he can not harm anyone else, ever again ....


  • lovecarolinagutters Apr 1, 2008

    I think that there are some mental health issues at hand here. The article says that the husband "thought" the women was praticing voodoo. Alot of older folks believe in "Root Doctors". So sad for both involved.

  • hiyadun Apr 1, 2008

    sure it wasn't alzheimer's

  • Meandmytwo Apr 1, 2008

    Seems to me that this old man needs so mental help. There has to be something wrong with his mind!!

  • REDRD Apr 1, 2008

    Hey Rev RB...

    What kind of Rev. are you? Are you envoking Jehovah God, Elohim, the Alpha and the Omega to bless me and others who read this post and at the same time defending Voodoo for the sake of tolerance? Please don't ride the fence...Christ died and your concern is denigration of witchcraft and sorcery?

  • REDRD Apr 1, 2008

    Hey Rev RB...

    What kind of Rev are you? Are you envoking Jehovah God, the Elohim to bless me and others and at the same time defending Voodoo? Your use of words like denegrate must have been your compelling reason for replying in such a way, because certainly your adherence to the law of Moses and understanding of the mercy of Christ could not have been. Take a stand for Christ, he died for you and now you encourage others to be tolerant of such practices....I don't understand!

  • HappyGirl08 Apr 1, 2008

    If you shoot her before she takes the spell off, isn't that bad.