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What's for dinner Wednesday?

Posted April 13, 2016

Sauteed veggies

Here's the place to share your meal ideas for the evening, post where you bought the ingredients frugally and even share a recipe if you would like.

If you need some inspiration for your own dinner tonight, this may give you some helpful ideas.

What's on your menu tonight?


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  • jdouglas13 Apr 13, 2016

    Momoff1, you're welcome! :)

    Faye, any M&C is good M&C. Your light version is probably just as tasty.

    Ascherer, yum!

  • ascherer Apr 13, 2016

    Change of plans. Tonight is shrimp with fries (both bought on sale and in the freezer) and a side salad.

  • Faye Prosser -WRAL Smart Shopper Apr 13, 2016

    jdouglas13 - not the good stuff, sadly. I can't eat that these days. Just a very light version of the good M&C. :-) I'll take it any way I can get it.

  • Momoffi Apr 13, 2016

    Ascherer and Jdouglas13 - thank you for your tips about freezing and thawing the other day.
    Tonight we'll have marinated pork tenderloin (Bogo at HT last week), rice and carrots.

  • jdouglas13 Apr 13, 2016

    Chicken and pineapples, plus some soy sauce, are a match made in heaven. :) Add some onion and pepper chunks, and they make an awesome kabob on the grill too.

    Faye, homemade M&C?? Did you see the coupon for the new Craker Barrel M&C?

  • Faye Prosser -WRAL Smart Shopper Apr 13, 2016

    Tonight we are having roasted veggies, the salmon burgers that did not get eaten last night and mac & cheese.

    meredith88 - I am so glad your breakfast casserole came out well! And your chicken pineapple recipe sounds great! My youngest daughter loves chicken and pineapple on her pizza and I really like that combo as well. I bet it will be tasty as a stir fry.

    Enjoy your tacos, Raesmom!

  • jdouglas13 Apr 13, 2016

    I have to make breakfast casserole one of these days. Every time I read about it, it sounds so good!

    Tonight is going to be baked chicken drumsticks and leftover potato salad. Not to exciting, but easy. We have another o'dark thirty morning tomorrow with The Princess.

  • meredith88 Apr 13, 2016

    Raesmom, the recipe said to bake it 40-45 minutes if you baked it right away and 50-55 minutes if you assembled it the night before. However my oven cooks fast so I only cooked it 45 minutes and it was completely done. Here's the link to the recipe I used: The only change I made was I used bacon instead of ham.

  • raesmom1612 Apr 13, 2016

    Thanks for letting me know long dis you have it in the oven? Usually its in my crock pot over night.

    There is enough leftover taco meat for maybe two tacos so I'll have that for dinner and Rae requested pizza so I'll either pop a frozen one in the oven or use that dominos gift card to get her one.....We shall see

  • meredith88 Apr 13, 2016

    Raesmom, my breakfast casserole last turned out really well! I think next time I would add more of the egg/milk mixture but we both really liked it! And it was approved by the teen for breakfast this morning :-) I still forgot to add spices before I baked it but it was just fine with only the pepper I had already mixed in the egg. There was plenty of flavor from the bacon and onions and peppers.

    Tonight we are having another new recipe (third night in a row!) , but this time it's my husband's turn to cook :-D I actually found the recipe in the coupon inserts a month or two ago. It's a chicken and pineapple stir fry with a lot of other veggies. We'll serve it with basmati rice and fresh fruit. Dessert has been requested tonight so we're going to try strawberry Nutella puff pastry pizza bites. I can't eat them because of the Nutella but hopefully everyone else will like them!