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What's for dinner Tuesday?

Posted July 26, 2016

Sauteed veggies

Here's the place to share your meal ideas for the evening, post where you bought the ingredients frugally and even share a recipe if you would like.

If you need some inspiration for your own dinner tonight, this may give you some helpful ideas.

What's on your menu tonight?


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  • Faye Prosser -WRAL Smart Shopper Jul 26, 2016

    Tonight I had delicious shrimp scampi and garlic toast that a very kind friend shared. Thank you, Jdouglas! It was so nice not to have to cook tonight.

    Tomorrow may just be cold cereal if the heat keeps up! I miss the 55 degree nights in the Colorado mountains this weekend.....

    ilivefancy - welcome to posting! Thanks so much for reading the blog and for sharing your menu. Your Tilapia sounds wonderful.

    meredith88 - I bet the salmon quesadillas were delicious! Be careful moving boxes with all this heat. I have not even left the house once today (well, after I got in from vacation at 1:30 am this morning - lol).

  • thrift Jul 26, 2016

    Thanks jdouglas & observant. I finally found several blogs that talk about using slow cookers/crock pots for outdoor cooking. Not sure I'll try it, but lots of people plug the 'ole crock pot in on the screened porch or garage.

  • jdouglas13 Jul 26, 2016

    Raesmom, glad to hear your crockpot is working out so well! ;)

    Observant, those were great tips you gave Ascherer (and the rest of us too!) for cooking chicken. Thanks!

    Thrift, I seem to recall reading somewhere that you shouldn't use a slow cooker outside. I liked Observant's suggestion to put it in a less-used room.

    Meredith, please take it easy in this heat! Why is it moving days are always the hottest, coldest, rainiest, or there's a blizzard? LOL

    Ilivefancy, welcome to the blog! Nice to meet you! :)

    To everyone, please take it easy in this heat. It is just brutal out there. And if you do have outdoor pets that you can round up, please be kind and bring them inside until this heat wave passes.

    Oh yeah, dinner! LOL ;) Tonight is steak salad with romaine, tomatoes, cucumber, olives, gorgonzola , and whatever else I can find, with a balsamic vinaigrette. Leftover garlic toasts on the side or as croutons.

  • ilivefancy Jul 26, 2016

    I look @ this page almost every day, but have never created a login to comment. I finally did :)

    Tonight I'm having grilled tilapia, spinach salad, and brown rice. Last night I had a pork chop with steamed veggies.

  • UNCW_Ash Jul 26, 2016

    Well the crock pot roast from last night was devoured. Didn't heat the kitchen too much so that's good. Tonight is chicken quesadillas with chips and guacamole.

  • observant Jul 26, 2016

    REMEMBER to check on those you know who are elderly and/or have chronic conditions !
    THRIFT - I place my extra crockpot is a spare room when I use it and it is hot weather orcounter space is a premium such as holidays or harvest time ). I do not know about outside - a covered area might be OK if you cook the meat thoroughly and maybe at a higher than normal setting to prevent spoilage . Not sure I would try it in this heat -
    You may want to consult the manufacturer or the FDA to be sure .
    ASCHERER- For chicken salad: if I do not have leftover chicken I cook it in my slow cooker ; to save time and to get a different taste I cook it on my indoor grill or I steam it ( top of stove or microwave) - boneless chicken on the grill is done in 3 to 4 minutes - steamed is done in less than 10 .
    Tonight - roast beef with gravy , mashed potato ,steamed green beans

  • thrift Jul 26, 2016

    I cooked some chicken in my crock pot yesterday, and it seemed to heat up my kitchen. So, I tried to google if it is ok to cook in my crock pot on my screened porch in this heat...but, I couldn't find any answers. Does anyone cook in their crock pots outside in the dead of summer? Thanks.

  • lindabates Jul 26, 2016

    Crockpot chicken pot pie

  • TJ84 Jul 26, 2016

    Taco Salad tonight!

  • meredith88 Jul 26, 2016

    The salmon quesadillas turned out really well last night! It was an easy meal after a couple hours of loading more boxes into our 100+ degree storage units.

    Tonight will have to be something out of the freezer. My guess is it will either be Jose Ole taquitos from a HT sale a couple months ago or Panda Express chicken egg rolls that I got on mark down at Kroger last month.

    Not the most balanced meals this week but at least they are easy!