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What's for dinner Tuesday?

Posted March 22, 2016

Veggie soup

Here's the place to share your meal ideas for the evening, post where you bought the ingredients frugally and even share a recipe if you would like.

If you need some inspiration for your own dinner tonight, this may give you some helpful ideas.

What's on your menu tonight?


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  • jdouglas13 Mar 22, 2016

    That 1,000 character limit got me again.

    Please send good thoughts my way that it is not a million dollar car repair.

    Faye, sending lots of good thoughts and hugs your way! Dr. JDouglas says to stay in bed and let everyone take care of YOU!

  • jdouglas13 Mar 22, 2016

    Raesmom, do you want to get together and go shopping for your herb garden? That's right up my alley. Love that kind of stuff! I wouldn't say my thumb is bright green, but I can grow herbs, lettuce, and roses pretty well LOL.

    Ascherer, your Salisbury steak sounds really good! You'll do fine with the gravy. A couple of tricks: when you are making the roux, let the flour get a bit brown (tan) before you add the broth so it doesn't taste pasty. Figure about 1 tablespoon of fat to 1 tablespoon of flour to 1 cup of broth. Finally, a mixture of chicken and beef broth is really tasty. I know it sounds gross and I didn't believe it until I tried it. Also, wise words from YBAverage -- you have to keep your eye on it. :)

    Tonight I think we are having spaghetti with meat sauce, maybe garlic bread. I bought the chopped meat with the intention of making lasagna, but instead I will be spending the afternoon at the car dealership waiting for my car to get fixed. Oh, joy. :p

  • raesmom1612 Mar 22, 2016

    Tonight Rae and I are having leftover sloppy joes from last night. She said they were super tasty so they are going to Make their way into the monthly rotation :)

    Question for the gardeners out there. I need something to entertain myself as well as help save some money around here so I want to start an herb garden.....I seriously have a black thumb (not brown, seriously black....I cant keep a plant to save my life lol) so I don't know the first thing about what soil to buy, what kind of planters to use, what type of seeds to plant, how often they need to be watered, do I keep them inside or would they have to go outside eventually? I have lots of questions and would love any advice y'all may have :)


  • ybaverage2003 Mar 22, 2016

    Ascherer, the gravy is really that simple :) Just don't leave it unattended or it may burn or thicken too much.
    Have to go to the store today; hoping they have some good spare ribs. In the mood for barbequed spare ribs, roasted potatoes and salad or a green veggie.

  • ascherer Mar 22, 2016

    Trichardson - Here is the way Momma told me to make it. Make your normal meatloaf mixture and shape into patties. Cook them in a deep frying pan until you have most of the grease cooked out but they don't have to be cooked completely done. Remove the steaks to a paper towel lined plate to drain excess grease. Then you add flour to the frying pan and cook on medium heat to make a roue (add extra butter or flour as needed). Once the roue comes together you gradually add the beef stock while stirring (enough to get the amount of gravy needed). Bring it almost to a boil and turn down the heat. The gravy should thicken as it cooks. Once it is almost as thick as you want, either put the steaks back in the frying pan with the gravy or in a casserole pan covered with the gravy to finish cooking the meat. I'll tell you tomorrow how it comes out tonight. =^.^=

  • trichardson0621 Mar 22, 2016

    Ascherer- can I pls have your recipe for Salisbury steak- I have never cooked it but would be very interested in trying it. And Yes Faye- as you are in our thoughts and prayers we will try and do you proud by taking care of the blog-

  • ascherer Mar 22, 2016

    Faye - I should have known you would post this before the procedure. We will take care of the blog as much as we can based on your training. You take care of yourself.

    Tonight is Salisbury steak in a homemade gravy with some kind of potatoes and a side salad. I have never made a homemade gravy by myself before. I know the process but DH or Momma has always made it to save time. DH is going to supervise but I told him it is time I learn to do this on my own. DH is a much better cook than me but I am learning. I'm tired of the few food I cook and he is too busy with work to do any cooking during the week.