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What's for dinner this weekend?

Posted September 12, 2015

Sauteed veggies

Here's the place to share your meal ideas for the evening, post where you bought the ingredients frugally and even share a recipe if you would like. If you need some inspiration for your own dinner tonight, this may give you some helpful ideas.

What's on your menu this weekend?


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  • GranOFTwenty Sep 13, 2015

    How COOL !!
    Kind of like a "muffin tin " (" to go" ) frittata or omelet !!
    I am going to try those very very soon ( tomorrow if I have enough eggs) -
    how long do you bake them ??
    Sounds like a great way to use up bits and pieces and gets lots of protein to fill full longer
    Thank You so MUCH for the idea !!!

  • ascherer Sep 13, 2015

    Garnoftwenty - The base is eggs. I make a dozen muffins at a time and store them in the fridge. Then we can just grab one or two, heat in the microwave for 30 to 45 seconds, and then eat.

    Happy Grandprent's Day.

  • Faye Prosser -WRAL Smart Shopper Sep 13, 2015

    GranOFTwenty - Happy Grandparent's Day to you and to all the Grandparents out there!

    We are taking my Dad out to dinner tonight at his favorite Asian bistro.

    And right now, I am having veggie soup for lunch. :-)

  • GranOFTwenty Sep 13, 2015

    Happy Grandparents Day !
    So far we have been served :
    breakfast : ham, eggs, biscuits, coffee, & fresh squeezed juice ) ;
    lunch : BLTS with melted cheese, potato salad and mixed fruit .
    Now we are going fishing and relax by the lake .
    Dinner I am guessing will be something grilled (fish ??) , a green veggie , and corn (such great prices this week ) BTW, my ice cream makers are missing ....

    Enjoy this Beautiful Day !!

  • GranOFTwenty Sep 13, 2015

    ASCHERER - so what is your base ( ie, the "mix" to put all the meat, cheese and veggies in ?? )-
    I am curious and always looking for new foods especially for my "on the go" family members.
    The kids love veggies so no problem there but many are not fond of spicy
    You are Very Welcome !
    I found it very informative - I am saving it in my compute rand printing for tucking in my kitchen hints binder

  • ascherer Sep 13, 2015

    Granogtwenty - They are not sweet muffins. They are eggs, meat (bacon, diced ham, and/or sausage), cheese and some veggies (bell pepper, onion, tomato, mushrooms). I use whatever I have on hand at the time to make them. I thought the salsa would make a change from the normal veggies I use. I'm trying to keep my DH away from fast food breakfast. Thanks for the egg chart. =^-.-^=

  • GranOFTwenty Sep 13, 2015

    ASCHERER - here is the link that has the national egg board measurements .
    the first chart is based on a large ( 2 oz) egg- the most common size called for in recipes - other egg sizes are also on the page .
    I hope it is useful to you !!
    I am keeping it for me too - very good info.
    Let us know how salsa tastes in them - I have had similar mixtures in corn bread type muffins but not in sweet breakfast type ones yet .

  • ascherer Sep 13, 2015

    Tonight I think it is going to be spaghetti with sauce from the freezer. Extra veggies are already cooked in.

    It could turn into breakfast because I baked a pound of bacon and a pound of sausage last night. I need to cook DH breakfast muffins tonight. I think I am going to reduce the eggs (normally 9 eggs for 12 muffins) to 8 eggs but add salsa. Does anyone have a clue how many tablespoons a large egg equals? DH loves salsa and that would take care of the veggies in the muffins.


  • Nanee Lion Sep 12, 2015

    Thanks for all your suggestions for the pears. Think I'll go with the sauce since it sounds so easy. Got lots of other things I would like to do, like make soup.

    Faye, I agree with your daughter, wished Parkers was in Clayton too; however, that would not help my weight situation. LOL

  • Faye Prosser -WRAL Smart Shopper Sep 12, 2015

    The Parker's Brunswick stew was fabulous, as always! My 14-year old commented that she wished Parker's was in Clayton. :-)

    RFB - your pond sounds lovely!

    GranOFTwenty - I bet the pear dumplings were delicious!