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What's for dinner this weekend?

Posted August 8, 2015

Pasta Salad

Here's the place to share your meal ideas for the evening, post where you bought the ingredients frugally and even share a recipe if you would like. If you need some inspiration for your own dinner tonight, this may give you some helpful ideas.

What's on your menu tonight?


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  • GranOFTwenty Aug 9, 2015

    jdouglas13 THANK YOU !!
    I was looking at recipes at that website the other day - some nice recipes I am tagging to maybe print or store on my tablet
    I really do want to get away from the store bought buns - almost all have high frutose corn syrup and chemicals ( of course they have to for shelf life but not sure I want to eat them anymore ) .

    I will keep you posted on the sourdough - it already smells yummy ! It came from GRIT magazine -homemade breads issue . I have made numerous recipes from that issue and all have been hits !

  • jdouglas13 Aug 9, 2015

    Granoftwenty - these hamburger/hot dogs buns are so easy and really good. Here's a link to the recipe: kingarthurflour.com/recipes/beautiful-burger-buns-recipe

    The changes I make: I add about a tablespoon of dried onion flakes to the dough. I don't brush the tops with butter, but with an egg beaten with some salt before I bake them. The recipe makes 8 very good size burger buns or 10 hot dog buns (just shape the dough as you want). Sometimes, once they are baked, I will split then and pan fry cut side down in a little butter.

    Fair warning: if you make these, you'll never be able to go back to supermarket buns.

    Let us know how you do with your sourdough starter! That sounds very exciting. When you get to a point when you need to get rid of half to feed it, give me a shout. I'd love to take any excess off your hands! :)

  • GranOFTwenty Aug 9, 2015

    JDOUGLAS13 - how did you make homemade buns ??
    I would LOVE to make those !
    I started a sourdough starter yesterday !
    It has NO commercial yeast in it - it will make it's own !!
    I agree about the painting - & packing . I am getting tired just thinking about either .
    Be careful Raesmom !!
    I wanted chicken breasts with salad tonight but DH wanted boneless pork chops, green peas and mashed potatoes - guess which meat fell out of freezer first ?? I need to "stack the deck" again - I mean rearrange that freezer in my favor again ...

  • jdouglas13 Aug 9, 2015

    Raesmom, I don't envy you having the do all that painting. I've wanted to paint many of the rooms in our house ever since we moved in just to lighten it up, but the thought of it overwhelms me.

    Dinner last night was burgers on the grill on homemade buns, lima beans (for me) and caprese salad. Good & Plenty candy for dessert.

    Tonight I'm hoping it has something to do with salad, but at this point I don't have a clue.

  • raesmom1612 Aug 9, 2015

    The party was a blast yesterday and the dip was a hit!!! At first by everyone just looking at it no one wanted to try it, but once that first person tasted it......everyone literally came back for seconds and even thirds!!! I even had 2 people ask for the recipe lol. We didn't make it home until about 9 so getting ready to make ziti now and if I can make it to the store I'm thinking of making peach cobbler for dessert. Today Rae and I will be staying home BC we have to start painting the house to get it ready to be put on the market......today might get messy lol

  • wbblue2000 Aug 8, 2015

    Shrimp Scampi with Soba noodles

  • Faye Prosser -WRAL Smart Shopper Aug 8, 2015

    stasan1 - I love stuffed peppers! Yours sounds great.

    Tonight is veggie lasagna with green beans on the side. Maybe some garlic bread, too.

  • RaleighFoodBlogger Aug 8, 2015

    STASAN1- That sounds wonderful. I'm on a garbanzo bean kick lately, too. And my DH even loved some pitas for his lunches last week using garbanzo beans instead of chicken mixed with balsamic and arugula. Shocking... he admitted he felt better and had more energy last week, and we saved some money :-) I'll make sure and add them to soup in the future- what a great idea!

  • stasan1 Aug 8, 2015

    Picked 5 new green bell peppers from the garden so I am making stuffed peppers. To make them healthier I use garbanzo beans instead of rice. They (garbanzos) are also great in vegetable soup instead of potatoes...have a similar texture I think. Anyway, we'll have a big salad on the side. That's tonight...who knows for tomorrow.

  • RaleighFoodBlogger Aug 8, 2015

    Raesmom- that dip sounds delicious!!!

    Tonight we're having grouper (fresh from the farmers market) with pasta on the side with whole wheat orzo, tomatoes, sweet potato greens and lima beans all from the farmers market. And tomorrow, we're making tacos :)