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What's for dinner this weekend?

Posted April 12, 2014



Here's the place to share your meal ideas for the evening, post where you bought the ingredients frugally and even share a recipe if you would like. If you need some inspiration for your own dinner tonight, this may give you some helpful ideas.

What's on your menu tonight?




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  • Faye Prosser -WRAL Smart Shopper Apr 13, 2014

    Ended up having chicken salad sandwiches, but still very tasty!

    RFB - looking forward to that recipe tomorrow! :-)

    Nakabi - I totally understand - as I already mentioned, my oldest daughter does not care for deviled eggs at all. I prefer the hard boiled egg whites to the hard boiled egg yolks so I don't make them very often.

  • RaleighFoodBlogger Apr 13, 2014

    Jdouglas- I'm with you! I've had the AC on for a week or so now... don't think I'll ever fully get used to the humidity here, even though we've lived in the South just at 15 years :-) And also with you on Chinese takeout... I can't seem to find a place now that is clean enough, or good enough (I miss the one out in Cary we used to go to!) But, I will say a good tip is to get the lunch specials at the very last minute... they usually go until 3pm or so. Saves a lot!

    And dinner tonight was my blog recipe for tomorrow... can't wait to share it :-)

  • jdouglas13 Apr 13, 2014

    We ended up having Chinese takeout last night. We only do that maybe twice a year, and the price of it reminded me why! It was great to have a break from cooking though.

    Tonight will be potato salad (potatoes on the stove now) and the leftover grilled chicken reincarnated into some kind of salad with lettuce. I was kind of thinking making a pesto sauce for it, and maybe putting a bit of it into the potato salad as well.

    Faye, your egg salad sandwiches sound so good. Maybe we'll have that for dinner tomorrow. Raesmom, so glad you had a great visit with family! Enjoy your baked ziti (yum!)

    I hate to admit it, but our AC has been on since the inside temp hit 72 degrees and hasn't gone off yet.

  • nakabi Apr 13, 2014

    Faye-I wasnt crazy about the devil eggs. I didn try one and so did the kids but none of us liked them. Guess thats one American tradition we can do without. LOL
    Tonight is ngeme (fish stew) using left over tilapia since my 4 year requested it. Havent made Ugandan food in a while so we are looking forward to it, especially Mr. Nichols.
    Raeamom- so glad your family came to visit!!!!

  • Faye Prosser -WRAL Smart Shopper Apr 13, 2014

    raesmom1612 - sounds like you had a really nice visit with your family (even if you had to turn on the AC! lol). :-)

  • raesmom1612 Apr 13, 2014

    LOL Faye, we HAD to turn on the AC yesterday. My sister, her fiancé, and the kids were "Dying bc it was so hot" Hubby and I just laughed and said thank goodness they didn't come in June, July or August hahahaha.

    Yesterday was a splurge.....we had golden corral for lunch and cici's pizza for dinner, cant complain though since family doesn't come out too often....its been 2 years since we've had visitors!!! We enjoyed their company, now they are off to go see Mickey Mouse and the gang. Not sure about tonight for the 3 of us. I could totally go for some bake ziti, so i'll pick up some garlic bread, a bagged salad and some sour cream (already have sauce and noodles free from HT SD's) and that's what we will have. We were so busy keeping the kids entertained that we didn't have time to dye eggs so......I think i'm making some deviled eggs today too, thanks Nakabi!!!!!!

    Enjoy this amazing weather everyone!!!!

  • Faye Prosser -WRAL Smart Shopper Apr 12, 2014

    Well, what did you think of the deviled eggs, Nakabi? One of my girls loves them and the other does not like them at all.

    Tonight we had "fend for yourself night"! I had a veggie burger on cole slaw and the kids had leftovers.

    Sunday night will involve something that does not require use of the oven since it will be in the 80's and I refuse to turn on the air conditioning yet. I'm thinking egg salad sandwiches with spinach and tomatoes on pita bread, pasta salad with veggies and Italian dressing and cantaloupe.

  • jdouglas13 Apr 12, 2014

    Not sure what I'm making tonight. I really haven't got a clue, but I better come up with something soon I guess. I have some grilled chicken left over from last night that I thought I might turn into a Cobb salad tomorrow, maybe with some potato salad on the side. Tonight I need someone else to cook.

    Nakabi, hard to believe you've been here all this time, especially in the South, and haven't had deviled eggs! Think of the flavors of egg salad with a little Dijon mustard in it. Enjoy.

  • Gator Girll Apr 12, 2014

    We're having hidden valley ranch burgers topped with Swiss cheese, tri-color pasta salad, and baked beans. Haven't decided about tomorrow but I've got a bunch of eggs and your talk about deviled eggs has got me thinking that may be one of the items!

  • RaleighFoodBlogger Apr 12, 2014

    Nakabi- Holy cow... a whole fish? I love it :-) And I think you'll love deviled eggs... I've loved them my whole life, so not sure how to describe, except delicious! Great menu.