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What is the hottest, coldest temperature recorded in North Carolina?

Posted November 20, 2014
Updated November 3, 2016

highest lowest temperature records north carolina

What's the hottest and coldest day on record in North Carolina?

Mike Moss: According to a collection of state weather extremes maintained by the State Climate Office of North Carolina, the lowest temperature on record for the state was measured near the top of Mount Mitchell in Yancey County on January 21, 1985. The temperature that day reached a minimum of -34 degrees Fahrenheit. Incidentally, that same day brought the lowest reading on record for the Raleigh-Durham airport as well, at -9 degrees.

The hottest temperature on record for our state was measured in Fayetteville on August 21, 1983, when the mercury topped out at 110 degrees.

Original questions: What is the hottest and coldest temperature ever recorded in North Carolina?

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  • Awake in Wake Nov 20, 2007

    "TheCommentator" has provided the distinction between weather which is day-to-day variability and climate which is long-term averages over decades. The thing to keep in mind about global warming is that the climate is changing. The polar winter-time temperatures are now consistently averaging 8 degrees warmer. The polar ice is thinning more rapidly than it is being replaced and threatens the survival of species such as the polar bear. The permafrost is melting in Alaska which is causing the release of even more global warming gases into the atmosphere. Growers can now grow apples in Anchorage, Alaska. They are able to plant vineyards in England. For the first time since the Vikings, they are able to grow vegetables in southern Greenland. The climate is definitely warming which will cause the ocean levels to rise. The people who do not take global warming seriously are ignoring the science, the worldwide observations (some of which are cited above) and are in a state of denial.

  • SaveEnergyMan Nov 19, 2007

    I ask that the posters here remember that global warming and human cause of warming are two separate issues. The first is fact, based on detailed observations over the last several decades. The second ia a theory, based on incomplete science.

    I am not saying that humans are not the cause, but that we don't know for sure. The Earth is a very dynamic system that we are only now beginning to understand. There are natural cycles that occur over decades and centuries that we don't understand because of lack of data. The jury is still out, even if the media has us convicted. An extreme temperature may be caused by climate change, or just may be from a roll of the dice.

    That doesn't mean we shouldn't conserve and find better ways to get energy. Fossil fuels are a finite resource and comes from countries with unstable govts. Sensible change is beneficial from many angles, not the least of which is possible climate change.

  • jm18668 Nov 19, 2007

    Global warming is part of the natural cycle of heating and cooling of the Earth's climate. Remember the the Ice ages, we had to come out of that somehow. There are some great articles on junkscience.com that disprove many of the theories in Al Gore's "An Inconvenient Truth."

  • Mr. Ed Nov 19, 2007

    Also, Antartica's ice sheet is growing/thickening. Just think about it with this analogy. One day in the news you will hear about how eating a certain food is good for you. Two years later another study determined that actually, it is not very good for you and can lead to an increased risk of heart attack. As much as we think that we know what is going on...I believe that there is still so much that we really don't know about.


  • Mr. Ed Nov 19, 2007

    All of those who blindly believe in "global warming" are like sheep following each other around. I refuse to believe in what the mass media tells me about science. We simply haven't been taking detailed observations of weather long enough to try and make a prediction on a global level. It is estimated that the Earth goes through hot/cold cycles...naturally, not because of man. Go to the 'NY Times archive' and search on global cooling. It was just 25-30 years ago that the media was claiming that there was global cooling! I would advise those who are absolutely sold on the idea to remember that the media loves to sell hysteria. It is good business. Scientists can get grant money to do studies if they media creates a "buzz" on global warming. Even England's court system ruled that Al Gore's movie had inconvenient un-truths! It's an easy thing to buy into...but maybe we are in a cycle...maybe 20 years from now we'll be in a cooling cycle?

  • lawpirate is still around Nov 19, 2007

    I remember that heat wave in August of 83. (Wow did that just make me sound like someone's really old grandpa?) Anyway, I was moving into an unairconditioned dorm at ECU. Hot, hot, hot.

  • Offshore Nov 19, 2007

    It's the cows, they're releasing to much gassssssssssssss

  • YeahWhatever Nov 19, 2007

    Yeah, Awake, post #1 was quite predictable around here.

    I find it better to couch things in terms of global climate change.

    The overall increase in global temperatures results in models showing rapidly changing weather with more and more rapid extremes due to the increased volatility of the atmosphere. This can include both hot and cold weather.

    I'm folks think you are really getting a dig in, but in reality, you are just showing a lack of informed knowledge.

  • Awake in Wake Nov 19, 2007

    Global warming (please note that I do not use quotes because it is a reality) is affecting our world. The ice melt in Greenland and Antartica should be a cause of concern for everyone. Many of our coastal cities and beaches are going to be experiencing major flooding or be under water within the next 100 years. The UN recently released a report stating that North America will experience more frequent and long-lasting heat waves and experience water shortages by 2020. The Raleigh-Durham Airport broke the all-time record of number of days over 90 degrees this year. This was after two unusually mild winters. The current drought is an on-going reality that is also affecting areas as far away as California, Arizona, and Idaho. We should be concerned and educate ourselves before posting comments.

  • inventor61 Nov 19, 2007

    Gee, with "global warming" ... don't you think that the record high temperature would have been more recent than the mid 1980s ?