Wet weather delayed Durham trail's completion

Posted August 9, 2013

— A rainy spring and summer have pushed back the completion date for the final phase of the American Tobacco Trail.

The final phase, which began last year and is expected to be finished in September, includes a bicycle and pedestrian bridge over Interstate 40 and four miles of greenway trail between N.C. Highway 54 and the Chatham County line.

Durham City Council on Monday allotted an extra $185,000 to pay for additional work days added by the delay. The entire project cost more than $2 million.


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  • look deeper Aug 13, 2013

    Weather delays my behind. I drive past that bridge every day and have been for the past year. It is a prototype for how to drag out a project. Half the days I drive by there is zero construction, yes dry sunny days.

  • SomewhereLeftOfRTP Aug 13, 2013

    I have to laugh, too, at the folks who worry that the new bridge will let all the criminals escape from Durham and terrorize the good people of Cary.

    I'm sure the ONLY thing stopping the low-lifes from heading south is the I-40 crossing. Never mind that nearly all the robberies (which aren't that numerous to begin with) are happening along one short section of the trail, passing through or by blighted areas; muggers are HUGE fitness buffs, and I'm sure they'll all be jogging or biking five miles south to find new victims.

    Besides, it's not like there's been ANY crime around Southpoint Mall prior to this. Why, that would require criminals who can DRIVE! Or take the bus.

  • lb27608 Aug 12, 2013

    "Feel free to stay off it and leave it to the people who love it."

    Exactly! I bike the northern section of the trail between downtown and Southpoint Crossing regularly, along with hundreds of other people. Never had a problem at all. It's definitely too bad that ANY crime happens on the ATT, but people who advocate closing it down seem to have a grossly exaggerated idea about the amount of crime that takes place.

  • tnt55 Aug 9, 2013

    Just think of all the muggings that have been prevented. Better to close the whole thing down.
    That problem is further north, I wouldn't want to bike up there. The trail from Southpoint south to almost New Hill is a wonderful place to cycle, hike, walk a dog, etc. without having to worry much about traffic. Feel free to stay off it and leave it to the people who love it.

  • Hubris Aug 9, 2013

    "Wet weather delayed Durham trail's completion"

    Just think of all the muggings that have been prevented. Better to close the whole thing down.

  • ssicctv Aug 9, 2013

    I live in Raleigh and ride the Capital Greenway system regularly. Unfortunately, the Alleghany and Crabtree Creeks trails have been absolutely HORRIBLE this year! Debris is everywhere! Lack of sweeping maintenance is the main culprit. Why bother extending the trails when the old trails are falling apart? If I supervised the Parks dept...heads would roll. But then again, what do expect from Government officials?