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West Johnston High student hit by car while waiting for school bus

Posted February 9, 2012

— A 15-year-old West Johnston High School student waiting for a school bus near Angier was hit by a vehicle early Thursday, authorities said. 

The incident happened just after 7 a.m. in the 2000 block of Old Fairground Road, near N.C. Highway 210, according to the North Carolina State Highway Patrol.

Zachary Berent was treated at WakeMed for a back injury and released.

Joan Ingram, who lives nearby, said Berent was standing at the edge of a driveway and was about to cross the road to board the bus when the car hit him. He was knocked about 20 feet into a ditch.

Angela McGee-Platt, hit student at bus stop Driver charged after student hit at school bus stop

The bus had its stop-arm out and flashing lights on at the time, authorities said.

"There've been close calls here," Ingram said. "I have children that get on and off the school bus, and there are cars that have gone past the stop sign. I guess they just don't pay much mind to the stop sign."

Angela McGee-Platt, 52, of Angier, was charged with failure to stop for a stopped school bus, which is a felony offense when someone is injured. She was released on a $5,000 bond.

Ingram said cars routinely speed along Old Fairground Road, where the posted speed limit is 55 mph.

First Sgt. Jeff Gordon, spokesman for the Highway Patrol, said speed wasn't a factor in Thursday's incident.


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  • ilovemybabies Feb 10, 2012

    I want to just chime in here... Please do not pass judgement before you know the facts.. While you are reading a story, the facts are not all present and correct. There is a place where all the facts will come out... that is called COURT PEOPLE!!! There is so much more that none of you could possibly know from reading this story. Just remember that!!! I believe the only person that has a right to judge any of us is the good Lord.

  • October lover Feb 10, 2012

    Scubagirl does not like thieves

    My son was on the bus when the accident happened, it was 6:45, and still a little dark, my point was that the driver should have seen all of the lights on the bus.

  • sunshine1040 Feb 9, 2012

    Driver should be charged but parents please teach you children to stop look and listen before crossing the street and do not stand on white line some folks like to hug the shoulder of the road. A 15 year old should know that not all drivers abey the law. If they did then the Highway Patrol would be a lot smaller

  • SmokeWagon Feb 9, 2012

    Cell phone or makeup....I'll bet a paycheck on it...!!!!

  • jromano Feb 9, 2012

    I agree with jjackson. You can't blame the kid!!!! People need to slow down, especially when you know it is the time of day for the school busses to be out. How would you feel if it were your child. I am still angry that in my area(JOCO) the buses don't come into the subdivisions any more in order to save fuel. Maybe they should consider it saving a life. Kids should not be waiting and boarding buses on the main highways if it can be avoided. I worry every morning that my kids have to go end of the subdivision!!!!!

  • Nancy Feb 9, 2012

    Any driver, no matter who they are, who fails to see the school bus with all it's lights flashing and stop arm and walk arm out and does not stop, should not be driving.

    When you drive, you're supposed to be 'present' - she obviously wasn't paying attention.

    Not an accident, but the result of a bad driver who wasn't paying attention - no matter the reason!

  • Malaki Feb 9, 2012

    Buckie - Were you the one who got her the moonshine???

    Are you kidding me? There is nothing that said she was drinking. She had probably been crying and was upset. Wait until all the facts are out.

    When you start walking on water then you can start passing judgement on other people.

  • wnsbuckley Feb 9, 2012

    As a retired EMT-Paramedic lets remind everyone there is no such thing as a motor vehicle accident. There are motor vehicle crashes the difference is there is always a reason. So many distractions that cause you not to pay attention while driving is the cause and affect. Slow down, don't tailgate, set your radio station prior to moving your vehicle and don't talk on the phone for starters. No one intentionally means to get into a crash but it does happen. Thank god it was not a serious crash. But pay more attention to your driving and less about what is going on inside your car will make the roads more safe for everyone.

  • eoglane Feb 9, 2012

    Great comment (astarling039) Momma taught me to look good both ways before i cross the street.

  • luv2surffish2 Feb 9, 2012

    lock her up for couple months .. then maybe she will start to pay attention and open her eyes...