West Cary Wellness Weight Loss & Chiropractor

Posted August 24, 2016

West Cary WellnessWest Cary Wellness is a holistic health and wellness practice operating in western Wake County, North Carolina.

Under the caring hands of owner Dr. Alex Brennan, it has become a successful center of chiropractic care with clients from across the Raleigh-Durham area. As a doctor of chiropractic medicine, Brennan has learned to treat the whole patient and their underlying issues, not just symptoms. Subluxations, a very common yet overlooked spinal condition, are often the source of common bodily ailments, so Brennan routinely adjusts them to relieve this pain and tension.

WRAL Digital Solutions WRAL Digital Solutions In addition to spinal adjustments, West Cary Wellness invests in their patients overall health by recommending lifestyle changes like diet, exercise, and supplements. Registered nurse Emily Brennan leads clients through simple effective programs specifically tailored to each individual. Emily’s experience as a Level One Crossfit Coach, and knowledge from her Bachelors in Nutrition from Meredith College, inform her expert diet and exercise regimens. Many clients have experienced rapid and significant weight loss with detoxifying supplements, nutrition, and exercise.

The vision of West Cary Wellness is to treat a patient as a whole person and not simply as a collection of symptoms to be dealt with separately. The practice does not perform surgery or prescribe pharmaceuticals. Wellness is instead achieved by tapping into the body’s natural healing capabilities. Simply giving the body what brings it into natural balance, like diet, exercise, and a properly aligned spine, will eliminate the need for many medical interventions recommended by other doctors.

West Cary Wellness is located in Cary off Highway 55, at 351 Wellesley Trade Lane in suite 101. The practice proudly serves not only patients from Cary, but also from Raleigh, Durham, Morrisville, Apex, Garner, Chapel Hill and the greater Triangle area.