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Wendell police warn of telephone scam

Posted July 24, 2012

The Wendell Police Department is warning residents about a telephone scam in which callers try to obtain credit card information by telling people they are wanted for arrest.

Police said Tuesday they have received several complaints about the calls, which come in displaying the department's phone number – 919-365-444 – on caller ID.

The caller tells the resident there is a warrant for his arrest and instructs him to pay a certain amount of money by credit card to avoid arrest. The resident is given a number to call to set up payment.

Police advise anyone receiving such a call not to respond to the request but contact local authorities and report the incident along with the phone number supplied by the caller.


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  • airbornemonty Jul 25, 2012

    They tried to scam me once by telephone. The person tried to tell me that I hadn't paid the shipping charges on a package and would I give them my credit card number to pay the difference.

    I burst out laughing because I knew that it wasn't true and that infuriated the person on the other end of the line, he threatened to come to my house to collect in person, but of course that never happened.

  • NotAgain Jul 25, 2012

    Everyone would have to agree, it takes a pretty dim wit, to fall for something like this. Come on folks. And if you have done something you are afraid you may be arrested for, then maybe you should be scammed.

  • The Fox Jul 25, 2012

    [Wow... pay up or get arrested... who'd believe that story?]Pretty much anybody, or anybody that's having an off day or too busy and rushed at the time. Everyone will be scammed at least once in their lives.

  • whats happening Jul 25, 2012

    dj of raleigh...
    well said. unfortunately our elderly would fall prey to these types of calls. criminals are looking for easy targets everyday!

  • djofraleigh Jul 25, 2012

    Why wouldn't people believe other people? What makes everyone so suspicious that they would question?

    Thankfully, there are people out there who are innocents, who don't know liars or thieves and don't study it by watching crime shows on TV. These warnings are for them, and the harm done by criminals reaches into those innocent homes and lives, tarnishing them with suspicion and cynicism. We do it to children by telling them they can't talk to strangers or walk along the street safely. Reality is harsh, and life really should not be such that a little ole lady sitting at home can't answer the phone and believe what she is told about her grandchild having outstanding parking fines and they need to be paid NOW. First, thieves come into your home pretending to be a friend there to help, then they steal your money and worse, your trust in your fellow man.

  • djofraleigh Jul 25, 2012

    .. wouldn't get anyone with a high school education. - comment

    What course in school teaches us about phone scams? High schools do teach us informally that people are not honest, will steal and lie, and for us to not trust others, but be suspicious. History is full of accounts where native people are so "stupid" as to believe the promises of those explorers who lie. A utopian society would not have locks on doors, cars, etc. and would believe what others say, not having experienced liars and thieves.

  • djofraleigh Jul 25, 2012

    919-356-444 Is not a phone number. -- comment

    Technically, it is a number, but it is not the Wendell PD number, true, and it is lacking a digit.

    I figured they used the bogus number to prevent us kooks from calling numbers that we see in media, which happens daily.

    The correct number has one more '4' at the end, of course. I wanted to know how the thieves got the wrong ID# to present on the phone of the person called?????

  • sunkissedone9 Jul 25, 2012


    Is not a phone number.

  • promethazine codeine lover Jul 25, 2012

    weak sauce scam .. wouldn't get anyone with a high school education. Or am I in for a surprise..?

  • Da Toy Maker Jul 24, 2012

    "If a caller ID is intended for who's calling you, wouldn't the Police dept phone # showing up on someones phone, tell you that the call is being made from the police station ?

    That is what the report says: The PD phone number does show up on Caller ID. The caller spoofed so the PD's phone number is showing.