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Wendell Business Owner Charged in Impersonating an Officer Scam

Posted April 15, 2008

— The president of a Wendell towing service is facing charges.

Ronnie Lee Shirley Jr., 35,  is accused of encouraging an employee to impersonate a law enforcement officer.

According to an arrest warrant, Shirley is the president of Lizard Lick Towing and Recovery.

Deputies said he encouraged Mark Prouse to pose as a sheriff's investigator while repossessing cars.

Prouse, who was arrested last month, is also facing charges in connection with the scam.


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  • Claire Apr 17, 2008

    I don't know these people personally, nor would I ever want to. However, I live in the same area, and definitely know of them and have witnessed their behavior. Let's just say I'm not surprised by this - at all. They've always been rude, obnoxious and on more than one occasion downright dangerous on the road. They certainly don't feel that traffic laws apply to them, so it's not a stretch to believe that they would ignore other laws as well.

  • alwayslovingu30 Apr 16, 2008

    Ron is normaly A great guy but he does have A bad side Iuse to work 4 him we played private eye over the phone 2 get info not at some 1's front door..This is hard 2 believe but he does make up stories to try an get info from employees an other people an try to get them to give him what he wants to hear.Manupilation by lies is what it is called.an signing vehicle titles junking the cars an says that dmv released the car they dont realease the car until they get signature if u wrecked an they towed your car u had groceries in your car when u gor out of the hospital u have no groceries in your car.seat covers gone,they had frogs on them.ipod in the back seat gone no body knows where it went......Billy an Buck of franklin county.drugs in cars on the lot u no they are there weather u know or not people falsely accused yet again no keys found on lot ok let tell A whopper an see where it goes.... truth ex employee from knightdale

  • helifan Apr 16, 2008

    I no Ronnie very well and if he is a good person or not can be argued all day long but fact is HE DID NOT DO ANYTHING BAD. He repos cars and if you call someone and say I need your car it will not work. I was once told by a wise man that not everyone needs the truth. If people would pay for their cars this would not happen. I no for a fact that Ronnie or any of his people do not do this just for fun. They find cars that people have not paid for in a long time most atleast 3 payments behind and finance companies do not loose money so THANK YOU RONNIE FOR SAVING ME MONEY!! If the cars are lost we will all pay with higher rates.

  • Hope4u Apr 16, 2008

    Don't you all have anything better to do than sit on the computer and talk trash about somebody. I think that there are bigger problems in the world to worry about. Second I happen to know every employee at this company and I will defend any of them. It looks to me like an employee to a conversation to far, got caught then did what he had to do to get out of it. Guess he did not think of how it would effect the boss, other employees, and their families.

    Guess it takes a brave "MAN" to turn his boss in for his mistake.

  • Polly Apr 16, 2008

    Man, I wish I were as brilliant as some of y'all posting on here. Courtrooms are where people are tried and acquitted or convicted; not anonymous message boards. The fact that so many would rush to judgment based upon a horrible mug shot (have you ever seen a flattering one beyond Paris Hilton's?), the man's choice of profession, and a CHARGE is totally amazing to me. I hope none of y'all who profess to "know" facts based upon knowing Mr. Shirley in the past or based upon a news account that tells one side of the story is scary. Must be a slow news day.

  • GWALLY Apr 16, 2008

    With the history (of some, not all, again...I say not all) law enforcement in NC impersonation is not nearly as bad as emulation!!!

  • mt1190 Apr 16, 2008

    what laws would those be????

  • edits Apr 16, 2008

    dh1964 - doesn't really matter now.

  • dh1964 Apr 16, 2008

    It seems to me that you stated as a fact (I can guarantee...) that this gentleman has broken at least two laws, for which he has not been charged.

  • edits Apr 16, 2008

    dh1964 - There was not anything specific in my comment that would need to be proven "if necessary" to constitue my statement as libel.