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Welcome couponers from the Fuquay class!

Posted November 16, 2012


Here's a big welcome to the folks who took the class in Fuquay-Varina Thursday evening! I really enjoyed meeting you and seeing some familiar faces!

Because it was a shorter class and we did not get to cover drug store deals fully, I will probably have another free class at the same location in February that will be devoted to discussing shopping at the drug stores. I'll post more information about that class in January.

Read on for a number of tips and links to resources that should help you to get started in your couponing adventure and take you to the next level of saving! Some of these we discussed in class and some we did not have time for, so make sure you read through the list.

Daily Smart Shopper blog newsletter: You can have a daily blog e-mail sent to you once a day with a list of all the new posts I have made in the last 24 hours. If anything interests you, just click on the link and it brings you to the blog. It's a good way to remember to check the site daily so you don't miss any new printable coupons or good deals. To sign up for the blog, go to the home page of the Smart Shopper blog and lick on the newsletter link on the right side of the page. Look for "Get the Smart Shopper e-mail newsletter". Once you sign up, WRAL will send you an e-mail once a day at 3:00 PM with the list of threads I've posted. Of course, it is free to sign up. 

If you signed up at the class, it will be about a week before you start receiving your blog e-mails. Until then, feel free to read the blog daily through and click on Smart Shopper.

Price Book: Click the link in the box above to find my price book with the prices to look for when shopping for food and non-food essentials.  You may want to print the list so you have it with your coupons while you are shopping.

Grocery Store coupon policies: Click the link in the box above for a summary of the policies as well as links to the store coupon policies on their websites. You may want to print them and have them with you in case there is any coupon confusion.

Drug Store Reward Programs: The link in the box above will lead you to an explanation of the drug store policies.

Meal Planning: Click HERE for meal planning suggestions and resources.

Printable coupon websites, coupon clipping services, sending expired coupons to military overseas: Click HERE for a list of printable coupon websites from legit companies. These should all scan at the register, as long as the new GS-1 barcode doesn't cause any problems.  You'll also find a list of other helpful resources here including how long to freeze food, coupon clipping services and information on where to send expired coupons to our military.

Couponing abbreviations: You will find that couponers speak their own language so it helps to know the lingo. Click the link in the box above for some help cracking the abbreviations code and deciphering the BOGO's from the ECB's.

Donating expired coupons to U.S. military: You can donate your coupons that are expired up to 6 months to our US military overseas who have access to an on-base commissary. For more information click HERE.

Swagbucks: One of the ways I earn free giftcards to CVS (and many other stores) is by using a site called Swagbucks.   I use the Swagbucks search engine instead of doing my searches on sites like Google.  Click the link in the box above about Mega Swagbucks Friday for all the details on how the program works and to sign up (it's free). You can go directly to the Swagbucks site HERE.

Recyclebank: Not only will you learn about great ways to become more eco-friendly in your home and throughout your community with Recyclebank, you will also be able to earn fabulous freebies and coupons like $10 off $50 purchase at Harris Teeter, $2 off a Kashi product and gift cards to places like Panera, iTunes, Best Buy and more! It's free to join  HERE and you can start earning points right away by doing easy activities like watching videos about recycling, pledging to recycle certain products and reading articles about eco-friendly topics.

BzzAgent: Another program I recommend for getting free products to sample, free product coupons and coupons to share is BzzAgent. Click HERE for their website.

Smart Shopper on Facebook and Twitter: For those of you who enjoy the social media sites, you can find the Smart Shopper Facebook page HERE and the Smart Shopper Twitter page HERE.

Questions: Please post your couponing questions in the Share the Deals & Questions post I make every day or in the specific thread for the subject (if there is one). You can submit your questions and share any deals you find in the Comments section at the bottom of the post. In order to post anything, you will need to register, which is free and easy to do.

Thanks again for coming to the class and please share your experiences as you embark on your couponing journey. Have fun!


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  • Faye Prosser - Smart Shopper Nov 16, 2012

    Good news - we just booked the drug store deals class on February 21 from 7 - 8:30. Same place (Carillon in Fuquay-Varina), same cost (FREE)! :-) I'll have registration details up on the blog and website in late Jan/early Feb.

  • nakabi Nov 16, 2012

    I'm with juanitasmith-I definitely need more help with the pharmacy deals! help!!!!

  • jdouglas13 Nov 16, 2012

    Faye, that's a huge compliment and I'm honored! Thank you! I'm with juanitasmith, though, I get CVS and Walgreens (even though I REALLY don't like their new rewards program), but Rite-Aid just completely baffles me and I'm always afraid I'm missing out on some amazing deal! Y'all chant with me now... There's is always another great deal right around the corner ;)

  • Faye Prosser - Smart Shopper Nov 16, 2012

    We'll have to fix that! There are so many good drug store deals and I don't want you to miss them.

  • raesmom1612 Nov 16, 2012

    Yea those are the ones i still dont get. Im super comfortable with the HT and LF couponing but when i step into WG or CVS im like a deer in headlights lol i just dont get it so i dont even try :(

  • Faye Prosser - Smart Shopper Nov 16, 2012

    You are so sweet Juanita! I love seeing you as well! Hopefully the next class at Carillon will be all about the drug store deals so we can cover them more thoroughly.

  • raesmom1612 Nov 16, 2012

    Sorry that posted so many times, computer was acting funky lol

  • raesmom1612 Nov 16, 2012

    It was great to see you again as well Faye, i feel like ur a part of my family. It was great to meet you too nakabi!!! Hopefully the start of a new found friendship :) jdouglas you should definitely take Fayes class if you get a chance, she is so sweet and makes you feel so comfortable so much fun, great mommy night out!!

  • raesmom1612 Nov 16, 2012

    It was great to see u again as well Faye, whenever i get an opportunity to see you i always take advantage of it, i feel like ur part of my family!! It was great to meet u too nakabi!! Hopefully the start of a new found friendship :) Faye is amazing at what she does jdouglas u should definitely go to one of her classes, ive been to 3 and im still leaning (and bringing new people to learn as well)

  • raesmom1612 Nov 16, 2012

    Great to see you as well Faye, i feel like ur a part of my family lol whenever i get a chance to come see u i definitely take advantage of it. It was great to meet u too nakabi....hopefully the start of a new found friendship :). Faye is awesome at what she does!!!