Weekly Wrap: 'Moral Monday' dismissals, jobs announcements

Posted September 19, 2014

— Wake County prosecutors dismissed charges against hundreds of people arrested during 2013 protests at the Legislative Building, citing a recent U.S. Supreme Court decision that said states need to ensure people's free-speech rights aren't infringed when dealing with such demonstrations.

In other news, the state Court of Appeals released taxpayer money to nearly 1,900 families who had been awarded vouchers under the Opportunity Scholarships program to help pay tuition for their children at private or religious schools. A judge who last month ruled the program unconstitutional had blocked the disbursement of all state funds related to it.

A technology consulting company received about $20 million in incentives to bring more than 1,200 jobs to Cary, the second large job announcement after state officials expressed disappointment that lawmakers wouldn't have a special session to work on legislation that would add to the incentives North Carolina could offer to companies.


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  • miseem Sep 23, 2014

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    Don't know where you are getting your estimates, but from what I've heard reliable estimates run as low as 80,000 people at the Glen Beck rally, with a generally accepted estimate of around 200,000, about the same as a Jon Stewart rally a few weeks later that apparently did not garner massive trash photos. Even Glen Beck estimated only 300,000 to 600,000 attending and I doubt counting crowds is one of his fortes. Compare that to the estimated 1.8 million at the first Obama inauguration. Maybe having up to 9 times more people attending swamped any trash disposal efforts. And I don't recall any of the Moral Monday crowd upsetting cars, destroying businesses or attacking police. But I do recall tea party attendees disrupting town square meetings by screaming questions and accusations and not letting speakers respond before they started screaming more questions and accusations. That's why few politicians do those open meetings anymore.

  • heelhawk Sep 22, 2014

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    Nothing! It is the fall back position of the right wing fringe. "We can't defend our position so we'll attack the other side using sound bites from Sean Hannity and Rush Limbaugh." I've never met a tea party member that let facts and logic get in the way of a good misdirected argument.

  • 42_wral_mods_suck_i'm_gone Sep 22, 2014

    "A technology consulting company received about $20 million in incentives to bring more than 1,200 jobs to Cary,"

    It's an IT outsourcing firm, so for every 1 job created 10 more go to India.

  • iopsyc Sep 22, 2014

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    What does President Obama have to do with the NC General Assembly?

  • patracles221 Sep 22, 2014

    this idea of the state offeriong tax breaks to lure jobs is nothing other than corporate welfare. the companies take the money and seldom fulfill the terms of their agreements leaving tax payers with the tab. better to protect jobs by making outsourcing taxable.

  • Charlie Watkins Sep 22, 2014
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    I think the history books will conclude that Rev. Barber's Moral Monday was the number one factor in the defeat of Thom Tillis by Kay Hagan.

    Moral Monday has been effective in taking the race to Tillis' doorstep and there is nothing he can do.

    Kudos to Rev. Barber and Moral Monday for making a difference in our state.

  • radiomike1991 Sep 19, 2014


  • New Holland Sep 19, 2014
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    I was hoping that one of these guys would open up the can of worms on this HCL jobs package. who actually are they going to hire or bring here? Out of work Americans or green card holders from India? ok maybe for the politicians it doesn't make a difference, but for the American IT worker seeing his pay get squeezed by off shoring it's does make a difference.