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Weekly meal plans and Monday dinners

Posted January 11, 2016

Pean seared London Broil with steamed broccoli

Here's the place to share your meal ideas for the evening, post where you bought the ingredients frugally and even share a recipe if you would like.

If you need some inspiration for your own dinner tonight, read the comments section to see what everyone else is having.

This week we are having the following:

Monday: London broil, mashed potatoes, spinach salad (The London broil is leftover from Sunday night's dinner in the photo. I cooked it in the cast iron skillet after marinating it overnight in Italian dressing with extra pepper and garlic. It was so good!)

Tuesday: Veggie burgers, mac & cheese, steamed carrots

Wednesday: Chicken tacos with all the veggie, cheese and sauce toppings, rice, orange slices (using the free taco shells from HT super doubles)

Thursday: Baked salmon, roasted veggies, crescent rolls

Friday: Pizza night! Veggie pizzas with a side salad


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  • walkerwest Jan 12, 2016

    If you make it, let me know what you think, Senglish27529. Even my "selective" 11 year old will eat it. :)

  • walkerwest Jan 12, 2016

    Jdouglas13, I would dice that butternut squash & either steam it or pop it in the microwave with a little water. Puree about 1/2 of if and sneak it into the hamburger stew. There's a really good recipe from All You for Turkey, Squash & Black Bean Chili and you can't taste the squash in it. It's left diced in that recipe.

    We've also roasted it with onions, oo, salt & pepper, or Martha Stewart has a really easy Mashed Roasted Butternut Squash recipe that's delicious. Good luck!

  • meredith88 Jan 11, 2016

    Trying to stick with the menu planning this year ;-)

    Monday - Tilapia baked in a wildflower honey dijon mustard sauce. Sides of basmati rice and side salad.

    Tuesday - Brasilian which for us consists of white rice, seasoned black beans, fried eggs and side salad.

    Wednesday - Leftover whole wheat penne pasta with red sauce. Haven't figured out what protein to add in yet. Side salad as well.

    Thursday - I'm on my own so I'll be making a stuffed pepper with the leftover basmati rice from tonight and some sliced flank steak that were marked down at CC's.

    Friday - Pizza Night! We'll be having pizzadillas. We finally ran out of pizza crusts and have a lot of tortillas so it works out well. They'll be veggie pizadillas with peppers, onions, olives and spinach.

  • jdouglas13 Jan 11, 2016

    In no particular order, and very much subject to change on my whims and energy level:
    Homemade pizza
    Baked ziti with Italian sausage
    Caesar salad with sautéed shrimp
    Chicken noodle soup (maybe tonight if I have any veg to put in it), garlic toast on the side
    Mince (my grandmother's hamburger stew) with mashed potatoes

    I also have a big butternut squash that I need to use or lose this week. DW won't touch it with a stick. I saw a recipe for roasting it with honey, fresh (frozen) cranberries, garlic, and an herb -- rosemary maybe. I thought it sounded pretty good.

  • senglish27529 Jan 11, 2016

    walkerwest, that chicken skillet recipe sounds amazing! It's only 10 SmartPoints per serving too, without any modifications, which is a WIN in my book! I printed it out and now I have to figure out which evening I'm actually going to cook this week. :-)


  • walkerwest Jan 11, 2016

    We're pretty simple this week:
    Mon - chicken sausages, hashbrowns, clementines
    Tues - Mary Emmerling's Chicken Soup with Spinach & Cannelini Beans, roasted kale
    Wed - Salmon burgers, leftover rice, leftover rutabaga, lemon kale salad
    Thurs -Creamy Lemon Chicken Pasta with Broccoli ( This is one of our favorite recipes. So very good, quick & simple!

    This is a bargain week for me. We seem to have a lot left over from last week's menu (kale! rutabaga! rice!) that I'm trying to use up. I'm cooking dried beans right now for Tues and most everything above has been on sale + coupon. :)

  • Faye Prosser -WRAL Smart Shopper Jan 11, 2016

    lindabates - great menu! I'd like to reserve my table for Tuesday night. :-)

    Tonight we are having London broil, mashed potatoes, spinach salad (The London broil is leftover from Sunday night's dinner in the photo. I cooked it in the cast iron skillet after marinating it overnight in Italian dressing with extra pepper and garlic. It was so good!)

    Twinredheads, we do different sides for different tastes/dietary needs here as well. One will not eat the mashed potatoes tonight and will probably have a roll or leftover pasta instead. The other one doesn't love spinach so she will probably have her salad on green leaf lettuce (that I got at Kroger for .99/bunch this morning).

  • lindabates Jan 11, 2016

    Monday: breakfast for dinner
    Tuesday: crockpot BBQ chicken, green beans with whole potatoes, crockpot Mac n cheese, corn muffins
    Wednesday: baked porkchops, mash potatoes, salad, rolls
    Thursday: leftovers
    Friday: fend for yourself.. cook is taking the night off!

  • twinredheads Jan 11, 2016

    Meatballs with marinara in the crockpot. Two will have it on spaghetti, one on a hoagie and I have mine on shirataki noodles. Served with garlic bread and green salad.