Wednesday Wrap: Sound familiar?

Posted July 16, 2014

The Senate rolled out a new Medicaid reform plan Wednesday that looks an awful lot like a plan senators included in their budget proposal, shifting the health insurance system for the poor and disabled to a new state agency and putting insurers in charge of managing costs.

The new plan drew immediate criticism from health care providers, and Gov. Pat McCrory's office called the moves impractical and possibly unconstitutional.

On  the Senate floor, senators approved a bill that would require moped owners to register their vehicles and obtain liability insurance. The House previously approved the registration requirement but dropped the insurance provision and now must decide whether to concur with the Senate's changes.

For it's part, the House joined the Senate in passing legislation that would repeal the national Common Core academic standards in North Carolina public schools and replace them with standards drawn up by a new state commission. McCrory said he plans to sign the bill, noting that it doesn't really get rid of high standards for state students since elements of Common Core could be incorporated into the new system.

A Senate committee also approved a measure that limits how counties can spend local sales taxes, giving them the choice of approving half-cent tax increases on either education or transportation needs.


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