Wednesday wrap: Crossover eve

Posted May 15, 2013

— As the crossover deadline looms, the House worked late in the night to pass bills, while the Senate wrapped up work early.

The Wrap @NCCapitol (May 15) The Wrap @NCCapitol (May 15)

The Senate passed a bill that would shift control of schools in some counties, including Wake County, from school boards to local boards of commissioners. Two other measures to clear the Senate would repeal water-quality rules for Jordan Lake and remove a cap on the number of jetties that can be built in coastal inlets.

Meanwhile, the House approved legislation that would prevent law enforcement agencies from destroying working firearms seized following a crime or purchased through a gun buyback program.

House members also were expected to take up proposals that would allow more employers to omit contraceptive coverage from their health plans and prevent cities from banning large drinks.

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  • jttm69 May 15, 2013

    I knew the Republican "leadership" would pass crazy laws. I didn't realize they would do so much so quickly. It will decades to dig back from under this garbage.