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Wednesday marks 'Walk to School Day'

Posted October 8, 2008

— Wednesday marked International Walk to School Day, and hundreds of students across the Triangle hoofed it the old-fashioned way.

Goals of the national event include increasing physical activity, bringing attention to obesity and identifying safe walking and biking routes.

A generation ago, more than 40 percent of all U.S. school children walked or biked to school. As of 2001, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimate that 16 percent of children walked or biked to school.

The Partnership for a Walkable America sponsored the first National Walk Our Children to School Day in Chicago in 1997, modeled after the United Kingdom’s walk to school events.

In the U.S., Walk to School grows in numbers each year.

In 2007, all 50 states held Walk to School events, for an estimated total of 5,000 schools. Also last year, events registered at walktoschool.org increased by 35 percent from the 2006 number.


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  • Rolling Along Oct 8, 2008

    ambergail1...educate your children. It only takes one drunk driver but we allow them to kill some 30,000 people a year. Most pedophiles are known to their victims. A very large percentage of sexual abuse of children is by people in the immediate family.

  • cameragirl Oct 8, 2008

    If WCPSS would stop bussing the kids so far and let them attend a school near them then maybe the kids could walk to school. How do they expect students to walk 15 to 20 miles? STOP BUSSING OUR KIDS.

  • onyourheels2 Oct 8, 2008

    just got a call from my son and he has finally arrived. they marked him tardy though. love these new school reassignments.

  • FromClayton Oct 8, 2008

    "The world IS NOT filled with Child Predators and mad Rapists." _rolling

    All it takes is one. Wrong time, wrong place. Be careful, and be very careful with your little ones who do not know how bad the world can be yet.

  • FromClayton Oct 8, 2008

    Where we live, it is not safe for kids to walk to school. The high school is to far away and the elementary and middle school is across hwy 70. I would never let my kid cross hwy 70.

  • drsickles Oct 8, 2008

    Olive Chapel Elementary in Apex has the Walking School Bus on the first Wednesday of every month, and the sidewalks are filled with families walking to school. Those who live farther out drive closer and park near the school, then walk the rest of the way. We ride our bikes. It's a nice message for the kids to have--reducing your carbon footprint, exercising and pulling together as a community. All fine qualities to hope our children grasp.

  • mom2five Oct 8, 2008

    This would have been a better news story YESTERDAY! Was this here yesterday?? and walking to school we can do in our neighborhood. Thank the Lord. however, to walk anywhere alone is preposterous. I dont care what world "Rolling Along" lives in no where is safe to leave your children to walk alone. Wake county hasnt sent us out of our neighborhood yet, but has sent in many non english speaking children so we still count our blessings. we didnt walk to school today due to being late but didnt know it was a special day anyway and no our school didnt send home a fancy letter. however we will be walking home today. does that count?

  • Rolling Along Oct 8, 2008

    Deathrow...The world IS NOT filled with Child Predators and mad Rapists. That is a fallacy that is brought on by media hype and playing on the fears of the general public. FWIW there was study done recently that shows the number of criminals based as a percentage of all society. What was interesting is that the numbers remain fairly constant over the years. Some changes are due to the way the numbers are reported, others due to better reporting.

  • maddiesmom972 Oct 8, 2008

    How in the world can any kid in Wake County WALK to school when kids are bussed across the county so we can have a equal amount of color in each school? In theory I think it is a great idea but one that is not able to be carried out due to current Wake County School Board Administration -

  • validpoint Oct 8, 2008

    If you live so far away from your school, drive closer to it and walk. Surely there is somewhere you can park your car. Also, why not take time and walk with your children? Even if it was just for today, it makes the kids feel like they have accomplished something and also it gives a few extra minutes to have some "talk" time.
    Also, most schools had police escorts this morning, so that no traffic would harm the children. Maybe you should have read the advertisement that the schools sent to you.