Two 100-degree days possible this week

Posted July 18, 2011

— The Triangle could see two 100-degree days this week with more scorching temperatures on the way next week.

With heat and humidity on the rise Tuesday and Wednesday, isolated afternoon and evening showers and thunderstorms are likely to pop up, but no widespread rain is expected, said WRAL Chief Meteorologist Greg Fishel.

Monday's high reached 94 degrees.

"Yes, it was hot, but the humidity still wasn't too bad, so it made the heat a little bit easier to take," Fishel said.

Temperatures will quickly jump to 97 on Tuesday and then 100 on Friday and Saturday. Sunday will still be uncomfortable with a predicted high of 98.

"The thing that’s so rough about this is not so much that we’ve got two days in the seven-day forecast which we can hit 100, but that this trend may continue for most of this week and potentially all of next week," said WRAL meteorologist Elizabeth Gardner said. "Our temperatures just continue to climb."

Tropical Storm Bret forms in Atlantic near Bahamas

Tropical Storm Bret has formed in the Atlantic Ocean near the northern Bahamas and has grown a little stronger, but is not expected to hit North Carolina or anywhere else in the U.S.

However, North Carolina's coast could see some rip current danger and blustery conditions.

Authorities in the Bahamas issued a tropical storm warning early Monday for Grand Bahama and the Abaco Islands, meaning tropical storm conditions are expected.

Bret was expected to begin moving north or northeast Monday and to strengthen over the next day or two. The storm could produce 2 to 4 inches of rain over the northwest Bahamas.


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  • caryboy88 Jul 18, 2011

    Me mind on fire -- Me soul on fire -- Feeling hot hot hot

  • bbrown07 Jul 18, 2011

    I'm 58 lived here all my life Never Seen any Day like they are calling for Wed. and Thursday, NOT EVER OVER 105 that I can Remember .And they say 110 to 115 Degrees I hope not.

  • Myword Jul 18, 2011

    It's generally hot in the summer. Nothing out of the ordinary.
    simply not true. The reason these high temps of the past several years are called "records" is because they are in fact, out of the ordinary. That's kinda the definition of a record.

  • Geez Louise Jul 18, 2011

    Pray for rain.

  • ncmike Jul 18, 2011

    Sure beats 15 degree cold, wind, and freezing sleet!

  • Plenty Coups Jul 18, 2011

    "Not so many global warming deniers out today. I guess they are all at the beach."

    Waiting for the one day out of a 100 when its 1 degree cooler than normal.

  • AWakeMom Jul 18, 2011

    Maybe it's all the hot air drifting down here from Washington about the budget?

  • Tarheelfan13 Jul 18, 2011

    I have lived in North Carolina most of my life so obviously I know that it gets hot in July. The problem is that summers are getting more intense lately and quite ridiculous. I am not a global warming advocate but there has to be some rational explanation for this uptick in summer heat intensity.

  • Stand-In-The-Door Jul 18, 2011

    Welcome to the South.

  • br549znc Jul 18, 2011

    It's generally hot in the summer. Nothing out of the ordinary.