Cool, sunny weekend on tap

Posted July 15, 2011

— A lingering cold front will let North Carolinians enjoy outdoor recreation amid seasonable temperatures, low humidity, sunshine and even a bluer sky this weekend.

"I think that the weather from Pennsylvania and New York is actually on vacation here," WRAL meteorologist Elizabeth Gardner said. "You don't have to go anywhere to escape the heat. The cool weather will stick around here all weekend."

Friday and Saturday will both see highs in the mid 80s, with some more clouds filtering in on Saturday.

"It is gorgeous out here," Gardner said. "Temperatures are cool. Our humidity is low."

The cool weather won't stop at night.

"We have more sleep-with-the-windows-open weather for the next few nights," she said. "Our lows will be in the low to mid 60s."

Even the sky gets bluer during this kind of weather, Gardner said. Low humidity creates less haze in the air, which dampens the intensity of the color of the sky.

The cold front could spark a few showers in counties along the South Carolina border over the next few days.

The heat will start to creep back, pushing highs into the upper 80s Sunday and low 90s Monday. 

By Tuesday, the mercury will be back into the upper 90s, and it'll push the 100-degree mark by mid-week.


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  • PanthersFan45 Jul 15, 2011

    Weather was just amazing this morning, I drove into work with the window down and the sunroof cracked open. It didn't feel like July in NC at all. Be nice if this lasted for a good week but that's wishful thinking. I will definitely make my way out to a couple parks tomorrow and walk some trails. I'm sure all the trails at Shelley Lake & the trails by the Museum of Art will be full of people tomorrow, I love it !! Enjoy the weather people !!

  • rufiedufie Jul 15, 2011

    wished it would stay like this all summer.

  • scarletindurham Jul 15, 2011

    It was so nice outside this morning, it felt good to wake up and pull the covers up instead of being drenched in sweat.......

  • Shamrock Jul 15, 2011

    Can't wait to get outside and enjoy this weather over the weekend! Finally back to more normal temperatures.

  • RB aka Spirit Warrior Woman Jul 15, 2011

    Love it!!!

  • RB aka Spirit Warrior Woman Jul 15, 2011

    Thank God, I can finally breathe.

  • working for deadbeats Jul 15, 2011

    "Went out this morning and thermometer said it was 58 degrees. Loving it!!"

    X 2. It put me in the mood for a mountain trip!

  • hunter38 Jul 15, 2011 up the gas don't get to excited my cool weather firends.....we still have August to live through....uggghhhh!!!! It will be 100 plus again real soon ...much to my displeasure.

  • oldrebel Jul 15, 2011

    Love the notice along side of the fountain with the little boy..."No Diving"

  • qrbyrd Jul 15, 2011

    Went out this morning and thermometer said it was 58 degrees. Loving it!!