Holiday weekend: Toasty temps near 100

Posted July 1, 2011
Updated July 2, 2011

— The first day of July "is feeling pretty good," according to WRAL meteorologist Elizabeth Gardner, but toasty temperatures are on the way this Fourth of July weekend.

"Sunday and Monday, we’re looking at almost danger-zone in terms of our temperatures. We’re going to see some places jumping up to near 100, especially south of the Triangle, so you want to take it easy," she said.

Friday will reach a high of 92 degrees with comfortable humidity levels.

The heat prompted a Code Orange warning Friday for the Triangle and Fayetteville.

Stagnant, hot air can make ozone levels unhealthy. Adults who work or exercise outdoors, people with respiratory diseases, older adults and children should limit outdoor activities.

The winds will shift this weekend, bringing in even warmer air.

"We’ve had northerly winds bringing in some cooler, drier air, but that changes this weekend," Gardner said. "We’ll be back into a southerly flow, which will bring the warmth and the moisture."

Temperatures begin to take off Saturday with a high of 94 degrees, along with more humidity.

"We expect a double whammy of these two combined to make the outdoors feel more uncomfortable through the holiday weekend," Gardner said. "It looks like it’s going to be a toasty, toasty end of the weekend."

The heat really intensifies Sunday and Monday with highs around 97 degrees. Scattered thunderstorms are possible Monday.

"Hopefully that’s going to happen mid-afternoon through about dinnertime," Gardner said. "Once we get closer to sunset, those thunderstorms should be dying out. So, hopefully they will not interfere with anyone’s fireworks celebrations."

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  • Skywatch_NC Jul 1, 2011

    The heat really intensifies Sunday and Monday with highs around 97 degrees.

    Fortunately now not forecast to get THAT hot for those two days.

  • geosol Jul 1, 2011

    Great weekend to spend tending to something cold. Happy 4th of July, good folks!

  • SARCASTICLES Jul 1, 2011

    Thanks for the update, Smokey the Bore......THEY'RE dern well told! ;)

  • Bring on the 4 Dollar Gas Jul 1, 2011

    Interesting, so they removed my early day comment about the smoke returning. Wonder why that is?
    Truth doesn't sell ad space? Doesn't make 4th of July people happy?
    The fact is wral the smoke returned this morning and none of your folks said a word about it. Until after it did!

  • SARCASTICLES Jul 1, 2011

    Ever hear "Hotter than 40 Hells"? Welcome to NC, Mon! ;)

  • davidgnews Jul 1, 2011

    It's so hot I had to ice-down my garbarge so it wouldn't smell so bad.

  • Skywatch_NC Jul 1, 2011

    Remember all the snow this past winter (flu, colds, etc.)???

    People can get flu, colds, etc., during the hot months, too ...but probably just not as often since they're less confined during the hot months.

  • SARCASTICLES Jul 1, 2011

    Hey kids! Be sure to set off those fireworks in the dry, dead grass....and make sure you do it BEFORE it rains.....??? ;)

  • wendysuegrant Jul 1, 2011

    Remember all the snow this past winter (flu, colds, etc.)??? Bring on the heat, LOVE it!!!!!

  • Skywatch_NC Jul 1, 2011

    As proverbial "hot as a firecracker"! ;)